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fam.bergum 2008 geocoin.


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Dear all. Last week I invoiced everybody that had preordered because I was informed that the coins were ready at the mint and had been shipped. I misunderstood some of the information from the mint, they were ready and had been shipped to the "mint" that i ordered from. Yesterday I was informed that they are on their way to me. I'm sorry for the confusion this may have caused. I was the one to blame for this, not the mint. This is my first coin and I hope everyone can wait one extra week. Usually shipping from USA to Norway takes 5 days, but it soon Christmas and that will probably affect the shipping. The coins will be shipped the day they arrive. Me and my wife has been labeling envelopes and everything is ready for sending out the coins.


I will keep you all informed.




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Hi there,

I just got a notice about my package with coins.. It's trapped in the customs office. I will bail it out as soon as they have sorted out the paperwork. This will add 25% more cost to this coin for me. This will not affect the cost for you folks, but sometimes I get really fed up with the tax level in this country :)

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Finally the coins came !!!!!!!!!!


I have spent all afternoon packing them in mailers and the coins will be shipped 24.Desember.


Thank you all for purchasing/trades!


Happy Christmas




I bet you had fun, though, wrapping :yikes:


I was well prepared, and a enjoyed the work, and it actually took less time than expected.

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