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World Diabetes Day Geocoins

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Has anyone in the States received one recently (past week or so)? I signed up early in the process (or so I thought) but haven't received one. Thanks.


I ordered mine a day or two after they were announced. I told a friend of mine about it and within a day or two later, he ordered his.


As of today, I have not received one and he received one a couple of weeks ago.


I did get one of the original TB's from last year; is it possible they did not send it to previous U4D TB recipients?


FWIW, the TB I received at the end of last year is still going strong; it has travelled from here in NC to MN since it was released. :blink:

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Just repeating what Rothstafari said, FYI:


I wonder... Does every one that requested a coin will receive one? (In that case the form would have disappeared after 500 submissions)


We are distributing 1,500 of the WDD Geocoins to individuals who signed up using the form. The form doesn't disappear after 1,500 submissions because we have to account for duplicate submissions and incomplete addresses. The 1,500 WDD geocoins have been shipped to the first 1,500 complete (non-duplicate) mailing addresses received.

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I was lucky enough to be sent one of these coins for realeas last year as was another area cacher. I realeased the one I had and it is still moving ( traveled over 2800 miles this year), while the other cacher put the one he resieved in his personal collection and it has been there since onlt to be discovered at events.(traveled 0 miles) I'm not sure this is what they had in mind when these were produced and realeased to the world....

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They are selling the coins again


but where do you activate it ?? that is get the code.


Nobody knows???

We have the same question here in the Netherlands!

Unlike the originally distributed Geocoins, these coins are unactivated and may be activated by the purchaser.


I say we email support@oakcoins.com lots of times until they answer...

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I'm wondering why so many coins are sitting in unknown?



and perhaps some people need a little note to remind them of the original idea and say the coins can now be purchased

eg. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1434983 http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1430564

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