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AMAZING Rechargable Batteries


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First my disclaimer: No, I don't work for the company... I'm just a techie who loves any type of gadgety stuff and I thought I would share because I thought that these things are amazing...


Anyway, here is a photo:



No charger needed - they will recharge from any USB port... maybe something useful to keep 2 of these around in-case you need to recharge the GPSr but only have a laptop nearby... or even a stop in to any internet cafe could work...


They are pricey: About $20 for a 2-pack of the AA size... but definitely very cool :-)


Check out www.usbcell.com

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Perhaps not so amazing afterall :-) I should pay closer attention to engaget...

Never saw them before you posted it. The run time would be an issue.


However I do have a USB charge kit in my pack that I carry while I don't carry my normal battery charger around.


USB has become a standad way to charge. So much so that you can get a USB Ciggarete lighter charger and USB wall plug for cheap.

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