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german "Bier Geocoin" (means "beer")

Sepp & Berta

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this is my latest coin: the german "Bier Geocoin". I guess, you all know, what "Bier" means ;-)


This coin is one of a few coins, which are in german language.


The text on the frontside is a rhyme and it says:


"Cache gefunden, Füße stinken, höchste Zeit, ein Bier zu trinken!"


Okay, let's try me to translate that (which is not so easy, and - please don't take this seriously):

"Cache found, feet smell, now it’s high time to drink a beer!“



Now the backside, it means:


„Minted in accord with the guidelines of Groundspeak“


(This is an allusion to the official slogan of all german brewer: „Brewed in accord with the German purity law“






The specifications:


Diameter: 44mm

Weight: 42g

Thickness: 3mm

transparent colors

Metals: antique-silver (250pcs), antique-gold (125pcs), antique-copper (125pcs)

Trackable at geocaching.com

Prefix: SB

Amount: 500pcs

Price: 8,-€ / ~USD11.50



I hope you like my coin. It can be preordered now. Please find all information and as well the orderpage at <indirect link removed by moderator>


--> Directlink


Prost! ;-)


Claudia aka "Sepp & Berta"


edit: corrected the link

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I love this coin and German Beer! I have been to Munchen (Munich) three times for Oktoberfest over the years and have had the chance to sample many of the fine beers your country has to offer. My favorite was Augusteiner(not sure if I spelled it correctly).

Best Regards,

Jason aka MRJIFFY

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99 coins of bier in the store, 99 coins of bier...


Excellent coin! Any pictures of the gold and copper available?





Thank you! :-) No, not yet. This is only the sample coin, i've got. I think (and hope), gold and copper will look as good as the silver one. Copper is a little bit special for this coin, because the german brewer traditionally use copper-pots for brewing beer. It's a typically metal in relation to beer brewer. :-)


Greetings from Bavaria,



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Very Kewl design!!! :(


Just ordered several (for me and my father! Dad is just getting into geocaching AND he is from Germany AND he has worked at a Midwestern brewery for decades!! Nearly has a direct pipeline from the plant to his house in Wisconsin <gg>)!! How perfect a gift for him are these GC's!?! Thanks soooo much for another great geocoin!


:( DrJeepStr

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