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Halloween Cointest


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Alright Boo_Boo and I have decided to do our very own Halloween Cointest. Here are the rules:


1) Cointest starts at midnight MDST on Halloween Day (Tonight)

2)Any posts previous to that time will not be counted.

3)Each post that contains a guess must contain the words Trick or Treat.

4)There will be two questions, you do not have to have both answers correct in your post to win.

5)The closest guess to the correct time is the winner.

6)Good luck guessing, because that is all it will take, no need for hints because even I don't know the answer until it occurs.


Question #1


I will be taking Boo_Boo to school tomorrow then going to work. My normal start time is 07:00, her school starts at 09:00. What time will I clock in for work


Question #2


Since I will be going to work tomorrow, I will not be home when the kids start knocking on my door.I get off of work at 19:00. At what time will I be answering the door for the first Trick Or Treater after I get home?


I will try and get back to this post tomorrow night, to determine the winners. However it may be the next day, please bare with me.


Cointest closes at 21:00 MDST. The guess closest to the correct time for each respective question will win a coin from my collection of my chose.


Any question please ask in this thread.


EDITTED: to change start and finish times to MDST zone.

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Ummmm.....is forum time Pacific time? :D


Well, honestly I am now wondering if the forum time at the bottom right of the forum is based off your settings in your profile?


The reason I ask is the forum time matches my post time which matches my actual time(MST). I would have thought the forums would have been PST?

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Now that the starting and ending times are figured out LOL how many guesses are we allowed?


As many as you want since I will not be around to police


that's too bad, cuz i love a man in uniform :D


I won't be up at 01:00, i like sleep too much... I'll guess in the morning


Trick or Treat!

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Trick or Treat


Ok, I still say that you are going to be later to work than usual since you are taking Boo Boo to school. Assuming you only work an 8 hr day and you get off work at 19:00 aka 7:00pm. Which would put you at having to be at work at 11:00 am I'm gonna say.


10:55 am clock in to work your time


7:45 pm on passing out candy your time

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Trick or treat :(

This sounds like one of those -what we used to call- "story problems". I never was good at those and the coarse, I took in college allowed me to use a "cheat sheet" which included all the possible formulas that were needed...

At wook by 0924 and (provided you actually Do help out with the candy as most guys I know won't ) opening the door to Your first hand out at 1924.

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Well, let's see! If you are like us you have Boo enrolled in a before and possibly after school, extended day program. Which means you can drop off before 0900 because you have to be at work before then.

#1 0853

#2 Frist Trick or Treater will be by before you get home and have left already. The first one you will see will be almost upon arriving back home 2023




Hope every one has a great Halloween!


I will be spending mine underway. :(

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Ok, just on the off chance that you go to work at the usual time and come back to take your BOO BOO to school?


6:52 clock in to work, your time


No trick or treat candy given out because you get stuck at work or something keeps you from going home before the trick or treating is over.


Oh, Trick or Treat

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Trick or Treat


You will be clocking in at 7am ... since from the posts above telling the correct time seems to be an issue with you :( <---- I guess that this is the trick


You will not be opening the door for trick or treaters as you will have the door open <---- busy giving treats


Happy Halloween!!!!!

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