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I knew our fear of cows was justified!

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Before i clicked on that link i thought


1 - he will have a dog

2 - the cows will have calves

3 - he will of stuck with his dog


i also thought similar to the one comment on the article


Farmers shouldn't put cows with calves in fields where there is a public footpath. They should fence off the footpath if they need the grazing.


Some farmers (not all) despite having a large choice of fields always seem to put cows in the footpath field and always feed them by the style / entrance / exit turning the area into a muddy quagmire.

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It's best to avoid taking a dog through a field where there are cows with calves, but if you do have to then provided the dog will respond well to voice control and stay away from the cows it's better to let the dog off the lead. If the cows do feel the dog is a threat to their calves they'll go for the dog, not for you, and the dog will look after itself.


I've notched up at least three DNFs because there were cows with calves en route to the cache and I had a dog with me.

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