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Secret Geocoin Santa II


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and what a way to arrive.

Last chance before Christmas and there was a package from my (not so) secret Santa.

Pictures show all the lovely goodies (the kids went straight for the kisses).

The nice red stocking held lots of treasures and I lined them up for a picture....

then it was time for the unwrapping. The first one to be unwrapped nearly brought a tear to my eye and it certainly made my heart pop - an LFD 2005 Geobone - :rolleyes: WOW ;) - I'm near speechless. What a wonderful present. I live in Calgary and still have only seen a couple of them.

An awesome looking Crake Symbology and Brockcrawler/xstitcher/BMXer were next.

This was followed by a FORTH coin, an amazing copper Crowesfeat30. I just read the other day how Chris thought it was an amazing colour for this coin.

A pretty swan ornament rounded up this amazing Secret Santa present.

Sarah, thank you so much. An amazing group of coins that I will treasure always. :D


Merry Christmas everyone and Happy caching.







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I'm uncertain if I've received my Second Mission. :D


I moved back to the US last week. It's good to be home! :rolleyes:


I have reason to believe that mission was sent to England....hope you left a forwarding address!


I am happy to report that my Secret Santa package, did arrive today! Proving that good things come to those who wait! Thanks usyoopers! Got some human stuff and some kitty treats. ;)


Will post pix later. But the cats love the catnip mice!

For coins I got:


usyoopers Geotag

Sauvignon Blanc GeoJellie :huh: love anything wine related around here!

Fall Into Caching &

Antique Copper Earth Turtle!!! ;):D (That completes my set, well except for an Artist Edition or two!)


Merry Christmas everyone!


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Wow! Someone certainly timed our delivery perfectly! I was at the end of the driveway removing the snowplow berm when the mailman arrived. I needed a break, so set down the shovel, thanked the mailman for his great service (he'll come up the long driveway to deliver boxes and save us a trip to the PO), and he in turn handed me an assortment of Christmas cards and one big bubble mailer with all sorts of cool stickers on it. Well, then I decided I was thirsty, so I went inside and while I was downing a large glass I opened the mailer. First opened was the cool musical Christmas card, and yes, we are having a "Rockin' Good Christmas" already! Then, it was time to tear into the "HoHoHo" wrapping paper. What a most generous holiday gift! Inside the wrapping was an English geoegg, a geoholic28 poker chip geocoin (nice design with the cache type icons worked in), a geoholic28 pathtag, a Shawn&Holly personal geocoin, 2007 Georgia coin, a UFOs geocoin, Canine Cachers 3rd edition geocoin and a Groovy Cachin' geocoin.




Oh, and Karma's bear arrived last Friday, too! The bear is now on our tree. Thanks for the extra special touch!

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Well, today was the day! I finally opened my last Secret Geocoin Santa package. In it was

a really neat origami star (I don't think I could do one of those!)


2 Portugal Fridge Magnets

2007 Red & Gold Easter Egg coin

5* Terrain? Go 4x4 it! coin (it's glow in the dark!)

and a 2007 Portugal coin!


Sweet stuff! Thanks Santa! You rock!

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I received my mission a while ago from Cheesy Pigs, but didn't get a chance to take some photos until now.

When I got the package and saw who it was from I had to laugh...I had just traded a whole pile of coins with Liz, and she couldn't give away the surprise that she was my secret Santa, so after I picked through her trade list, she had to still come up with mission coins for me. She did a good job, and she sent me a wonderful mission!!


I got a Maryland, US geocaching Zone 4 coin set, and funny animal Flying Pig. She also sent a little platypus statue, a ceramic cat, and a handmade paper logbook. Thank you so much Liz :sad::santa::D




I read through the thread looking to see if the person I sent my mission to posted that they received it, and I didn't see a post saying that they had. My mission had to make it all the way to Germany, so if you did get it, can you please post so I know it arrived safely, if not, hopefully it is still in transit and will arrive shortly (it was mailed about December 14th).


Merry Christmas!! :cry::santa:

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Holy Moly...You just wait to see what I got!!!! Freakin Crazy mission statements :D I didnt have my camera...? (thought I did), but sweetpea got one for christmas...The pics have yet to loaded in my comp, but ill let ya'll drool when I get em up!!!


Great Missions everyone got!!! I have yet to see if my 2nd mission has arrived :santa: ...BUT its only 58 minutes past Christmas too! One was posted, I hope to see the other arrived safley! :santa:


Im not kiddin, just you wait to see what I got!!!!!

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Mission 1:

1. Participating - 11/1

2. Received Name - 11/20 (mission apparently stuck in spam filter)

3. Mission Complete - 12/10

4. Santa Arrived - Yes - 12/08


Mission 2:

1. Participating - 11/1

2. Received Name - 11/20 (mission apparently stuck in spam filter)

3. Mission Complete - 12/10

4. Santa Arrived - Yes - 12/21


I posted a while back that my second mission had come in. I finally have the picture ready to post as well.




There was an "Instant Cache," which I'll try to get placed soon, and several nice geocoins. They included an Anthus Laptop, a 2007 Crake Suncatcher, and a nickel Crake Indian Paintbrush. The latter is especailly cool to be because I provided the icon for that coin and only had one of the gold ones. Now I have both! The suncatcher is nicer than I expected - I had been debating getting one - now I'm glad I have one. With a spare laptop, other cachers will get a chance to enjoy them too - I suspect that I'll be releasing one sometime in the coming year.


Many thanks and Merry Christmas

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Just popping in to say I got my Secret Santa Gift... WOW.... if I was a naughty girl, I wouldn't want to see what I would get if I was a good girl!!!!


I got about 10 coins, will try to come in after the xmas hectic and tell you all about em!








So glad it arrived before Christmas! :unsure:

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:lol::):lol: HOLY COW was Santa good to me this year!!! I was floored at my missions with the creativety, generosoity and just plain fun...Really awesome- The whole family watched as I opened my missions as we had finished with our Christmas morning...It was fun for all!~ They were Jelous!!!


Heres my mission statements prior to even knowing what was in store for me...well except my Kiwi package, I couldnt resist and packaged it back up to re-open on Xmas day ()...I just had to add the stock of Brussle sprouts...I recieved them as a present all wrapped up and couldnt figure what the heck it could possibly be!!! Never would have guessed that Brussle sprouts looked like this!!!




Got a sweet little homeade Rudolph/snoflake pouch packed full of goodies!!! Inside was: 4 geocoins- Alaska micro, Stonehenge Benchmark made into a keychain (Very cool) Fliegenpilz little Mushy and a Seabeck Tribe Personal coin all glittery and stuff! as well as a Seabeck tribe wooden nickle and their siggy button!!! Also included was a few Apache tears gathered by my mission sender! and an agate and glass siggy type sun dude!---Thanks Seabeck tribe!!!! Killer Mission!





And just check this out- all I kept saying is Whoa, over and over again-This little box was chock full of little gift boxes containing wrapped gifts of amazing geo-wealth!




Dang, I dont what I did to deserve this, but its just gotta be somethin! Check it out!!!!...Go ahead- You can say "WHOA!" too even if your not in Cali! ()...Here we go!!!~Inside was

GeoJellie-Spud Rush/ New year Baby/ 05 SF Golden gate!!!!! Very Cool!/ A Freakin Evil Master Mind!!!!-Very Very cool-was in my hearts desire/ Gold Compass Rose-Yes! and now for the personals!!! A LoriDarlin personal coin/ Happy Trails micro, Idaho Happy Trails and a Geocoin nerds!!! Awhole slew of Wooden nickles from the Cacheteers and LoriDarlin, a gang load of cool and personal buttons! To top it all off was a Hide a cache, Santa mellows, Geo Rendezvous Lanyard, chocolate coins, a big ole Cookie and Chocolate!!!




Heres Sweetpea checkin out the Nerds!!! Our little Geobun is in that little belly!!!...Less than one month to go!!! :rolleyes:



Dang I gotta serve up a mean mission next time around- This was just too cool! :(Thank you so much LoriDarlin- You absolutley spoiled me! Funny thing about it being from her is that I sent her a Thankyou card for the Thank you coins she sent out and it was to Caldwell- I had no idea who could of been in Star Idaho!!! I thought it was Dorkfish from the statement on the package "Dont open till X-mas unless you cant stand it" But it was "LOL part that threw me off! () Even funnier about that was I sent her a Chelmo coin and Chelmo was her Mission sender!!! How bout that!!! Im sure she now has at least 2 Chelmo's now! ()


And here's me checkin out Chelmos Maps he sent along with his killer Mission statement I was pointing to where it all came from, but my big ole hand is in the way!- It wasnt an official mission, but rather a friendship mission to us'ns and the little one! I got a sweet NZ coin ( I forget what it was called :( ) a NZ fairy tales book-Very cool, a NZ flag, calendar and other killer NZ swag- I just love that NZ stuff!-- Thanks Chelmo!!!



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hehehe....Glad you enjoyed your *Secret* santa mission 007BigD!!! and thank you for the coin you sent me this week too!! LOL You are silly....I was thanking YOU and then you thanked me back!! LOL These coins bring so much joy it ought to be illegal LOL


ok....drum roll....the boys and I FINALLY OPENED OUR MISSIONS!!! If you noticed what 007BigD said...I had stamped do not open until Dec. 25th on his package...I did it on someone else's package too B) and since I did that to theirs...well, shucks guilt runs deep in my veins so I figured we ought to follow the same advice...despite Karma/Dorkfish telling me OPEN IT!! everytime I talked with her!!! LOL


I'm going to first post my children's missions...they had Team Chelmo and Team Chelmo also had them!!! They opened their package first because they just HAD to ya know!!! Here are a few pictures of them with ALL THE WONDERFUL COINS AND TOYS AND PRESENTS TEAM CHELMO GAVE THEM!! WOW!!!









LOOK AT ALL THAT GOOD STUFF!!! Why it was packed to the top!!! They had tons of little packages and were just giddy with delight opening it all up!! The box included a geolicious, Somdecachers coin, keep on caching, TEAM CHELMO, pirates of harriman v3, stickers, keychains, book, candy, kiwi bird and....drum roll.....the best gifts of all in THEIR MINDS....TWO BOXES OF FART BOMBS!!! omg...they were laughing HYSTERICALLY over these...and after it was all over and I was on the phone...they went into the kitchen and set on off and more hysterics came from the kitchen and then oooohhhhhh the smell.....eeeewwwww..... B) .....i'm telling you what.....the smell lasts FOREVER!!! They joked around that they were going to take it to church and do one there and I said NO WAY!!! Save your last one!! LOL and Jonah says..."but Mom...there are 6 to a box and together we have 11 more!!!" ohhhhh jeeeshh....LOL


You made their day Team Chelmo!!! Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!! LOL B)B)B) Belly laughs from your children just make you smile B)

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Well, at long last, I can finally report that I OPENED MY PACKAGE!!! Yippee!!!! WOW, I have to say I am still shocked...I mean my person really went all out and I feel so-o-o-o SPOILED ROTTEN!!! and not only did I get spoiled but my secret person also spoiled my two boys!!! WOWZA!!! B)B)B)


Here is the package that Lori got that sat for a week teasing her.....



Here are the wrapped contents that Lori got that sat for a week in her house teasing her....



Here are the gifts that Lori opened, no longer all wrapped up but to be enjoyed and admired! (boy that was a really long week!!).....


To include.....a DORKFISH BLUE SEAHORSE COIN that a good friend of mine made B) a EXTRAVAGANZA OF THE TOTALLY INSANE coin from a trip my secret santa took that has been on my seeking list forever!! B), a 500 FINDS coin and pin set that totally rocks!! The is my first one of these and I'm honored to add it to my collection...those 500 finds took me some time dang it!! LOL and last but not least....drum roll......a BLUE GEOCACHING 4X4 ADVENTURE!!!! WOOHOO!!! I WAS ***TOTALLY*** SHOCKED!!! B):D:wub:B) Thank you so much Damenace for EVERYTHING!!! You totally went over the top and I am so happy with everything and so are the boys!!! They loved their stockings and that was VERY thoughtful of you to add to it...oh my goodness!!! THANK YOU!!!


Speaking of my boys....Here is a picture of them with the things they loved the most!!




They loved all the toys and candy and the coin and most of all (like with team chelmo's fart bombs) their favorites were the BILLY BOB TEETH and the WHOOPIE CUSHIONS you sent!!! LOL I can tell you when I came up to my office tonight to post our pictures....I sat on one and it scared me to death!!! LOL I wonder if they heard me scream?!!! I can't wait until they put 2 and 2 together and use the fart bombs WITH the whoopie cushions!! LOL B) Sorry if I'm grossing some of you out....you just had to be here I guess!!! LOL




oh yeah, ps, You did a marvelous job of camouflaging the package and had me believing it until I wrote her a thank you in advance for the present I was waiting to open on Dec. 25th LOL only after she told me it wasn't her...did I notice that Mountain Home's zip code is definately not anywhere near the zip code that was on there....very sneaky sensai LOL and very much appreciated!! B)

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The kids received their Secret Santa mission a couple weeks back but it was a bad week for the family and I never got back to making the appropriate post though I did email their sender to let them know it had arrived.


They really, really enjoyed their mission and said a milliion thank yous to their not so secret Santa! :) The goodies and the coins were above & beyond. Mom says thank you too. B)


Pictures - Part I


The box! The Mickey is ours.




Ooooo - what's inside?




No way!!! For us?!?!?!




Can you see me now? Woot!




Woo-hoo!!!!! Wow!



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More pictures for Go Girl & King Finder


The stash




Too many goodies! You spoiled us Secret Santa!! :)




All the goodies!




Up close & personal with some coins. B) Even mom doesn't have some of these coins!




Thank you so much Secret Santas! This was our first mission and we were so excited for the mail to arrive everyday! You spoiled us but we sure do appreciate it!! :)

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And....about a week after my Secret Santa Mission arrived two boxes for "me of the naughty list" arrived.


Thank you very much to my Secret Santa for bringing even more fun to our house. The kids had an absoulute blast with this. We're fighting over who gets the chicken & the teeth. B)


Go Girl entertained Grandma with magic tricks today! What fun!!





Our Secret Santa Misssions are totally complete on both the sending & receiving. :)


Thank you Karma for all you did to set this up! We had a blast! :)

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I just got the good news via the telephone: there's a package waiting for me at home (gee, can't this day of work end sooner? :( ).


Will post about it some more when I'm home.


Edit: and here's what I found. A beautiful christmas stocking filled with some sweets and chocolates (almost instantly taken by the kids), two cute christmas ceramics, a tokencollector's set of tokens and 4 coins! :D


A London Phonebooth (round), a 2007 Compass Rose in antique bronze, a black 2006 Evil Micro (all from my wish-list!) and a nice litte "Ramblin Wreck" Geo-Jelly.


Wow, I must have been very nice the last year. Thank you very much, Secret Santa that's a lot more than I hoped for! Thank you very much! :laughing:


So the waiting for the arrival of the second mission feels a lot easier now. :(

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Mission 1 (me):


1. Participating: Yes!

2. Received Name - Yes!

3. Mission Complete - Yes!

4. Santa Arrived - Yes! - Dec 31


Mission 2 (Wife):


1. Participating: Yes!

2. Received Name - Yes!

3. Mission Complete - Yes!

4. Santa Arrived - Yes! - Dec 4


Mission 3 (Son - Kid Mission):


1. Participating: Yes!

2. Received Name - Yes!

3. Mission Complete - Yes!

4. Santa Arrived - Yes! - Dec 27


Also received the bear geocoins...thanks for all the work you put into this mission.


I think my son and I had the same Secret Santa as we got very similar packaged packages...either from New Zealand (or the USA since it was a USA post mark). I got a geotag, geojelly3, Geocoinfest (awesome coin) and a Dreamcatcher and a bunch of NZ goodies. My son got a geotag, geojelly2 and 2 other neat coins which escape my mind right now.

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I can't stop squeeling :anicute: My package arrived all the way from Italy!!!! and in it was the coin thats probably #1 on my seeking list, I never thought I'd hold one let alone own it :anibad: :anibad: :anibad:


for a little suspense, the unopened packages:


an address book, a really neat frame, a geocache italy patch, a bison tube and a thermometer too!


That's a neat thermometer!



and the coins :D



I got a GEOCAT :D:P :P and a Signal CITO coin and a 2007 Dutch Geocoin (I'd never seen this before, it's very nice!) :) :) :)


I can't believe I got a geocat :D:):D I love it!!!


Thank you so much for all the great goodies kdv!!!!!!!!

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Woohoo, today also the second Secret Santa mission (out of two) arrived! yupi3ti.gif

Four origami-style-folded letters in a bubble mailer containing:

Two TB skins, a Tadpole379 sig item, a wristband, a little glass-frog, two pins (2007 Evil Micro and Pirates of Harriman), three Tadpole379 nerds (my first ones and I love them, expecially the glittering one) and three geocoins; a Santa Christmas Window, a Frozen Buns (it's nice when your wishlist is read :P ) and a Tadpole379 coin.


Thank you very much, not so secret santa! It's been a hard day, but you made it a nice day!


So finally on both missions:


[X] E-Mail sent :unsure:

[X] Adress recieved :smile:

[X] Mission sent :yikes:

[X] Santa arrived :P

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Yowser, yowser...my last Secret Santa mission arrived yesterday...all the way from Italy! If you look at the pictures for ThirstyMick's post #840, you will see some of what I received...lol...a ceramic picture frame, some incense, a bison capsule, a www.geocaching.it patch, a very pretty address book, and a Galileo thermometer...which I've always wanted...likewise, the coins are truely awesome...all off my seeking list! A Dutch 2007 Bronze, A First Italian Geo Choco Event, and A 2007 All Seasons Spring BN...Thank you, thank you Secret Italian Santa...I love my package!


I have one more mission I sent out that hasn't been posted as received yet...sure hope it made it all the way across the water!!!

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Finally received my first mission today! It was posted on November 21st, so it seems Customs holds on to the packages for a very long time!

My secret santa sent me a bunch of amazing coins: a winter coin to complete my All Season collection, a beautiful Crystal ball coin, a wonderful Moose on the Loose coin, AND an anazing Swallowtail coin PLUS matching magnet. All in a very cute and festive Christmas gift bag!

Thank you secret santa!!!!


The two missions I sent out have been received too, sorry for the 'similarities' between the goodies I included (but at least the coins were selected specifically for each recipient :grin:



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Today my package arrived - and what a GREAT package!!!


I really liked the home made ornament, and the coins of course - all picked from my seeking list ;)


and the "snowball santa" ornament..


and the peanut pattie


and the pins, lanyard, bag, patch, logbook and bison tube


and not to forget the postcards with small stories on them :ph34r:






Thank you not so secret santa!!!

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Today I received an amazing surprise from Karma in the mail (I am sure she sent it out months ago, , but I'm getting used to receiving mailers that get hold up in the mail for ages!).

She knew I never received my second Secret Santa mission and surprised me with 3 great coins:

- a Lackey coin (offered by Groundspeak - thank you very much!)

- an LE Hector Dolphin coin (wow!)

- a seahorse (one of Karma's personals)


Maybe some people now wish they had never received their mission either



Thank you again Karma!!!

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