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TopoUSA and Lowrance IFinder


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Now that I know how to download waypoints to my Lowrance IFinder Pro, I have another question. I currently have the map program Delorme TOPOUsa version 5. Can I download maps from that program to my IFinder Pro, or must I invest in MapCreate for this function? As best as I can tell, only EarthmateGPS will work with TopoUsa, but I want to be certain befoe I invest in another map program. If it is possible to use TOPOUsa with my IFinder, could you please point me to a link that would explain how thisis done?


If I must use MapCreate, can anyone who has had experience with it comment on its usefulness? I have read reviews on v 6.3 and v7, and I have not read anything very favorable for either version.


Or are there an other map programs out there that would work with the IFinder Pro?





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You can't use TopoUSA to load maps to the iFinder. You probably can import waypoints and tracks into the software on your PC, but I'm not entirely sure about that.


For detail maps on the iFinder, you have to buy MapCreate or create custom detail maps. For a little more on creating custom maps, read here: http://z14.invisionfree.com/Geo_Lowrance_F...p?showtopic=116


I think MapCreate is very useful, but it has a number of limitations. It is far, far better than the basemap, which has little detail. It surely does not have the topo details that TopoUSA would. It does have a lot of POIs and detailed streets. I've found off-road features like streams and lakes to be very good. I don't really use the PC software for much more than cutting maps to export to the iFinder.


With regard to reviews and usefulness, I would recommend purchasing it and think the details it offers are worth it.

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