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! I've adopted a 2 month old boy !


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I've just completed the adoption proceedings on a 2 month old boy and I'm so excited. He will be arriving at my home some time this upcoming week. Dakota and Cowboy will have a new baby brother to herd, since the cats don't play that game.


You are playing for a copper Lilypad Cache geocoin.


* One Guess every 10 minutes

* No post edits~disqualified answer if you do

* I have final say on winner/contest

* You must have both answers correct and in the same post




1. What is the breed of dog (I want the exact breed but spelling isn't an issue)?

2. What is the name I have given him?


Here is my new boy, I can't wait until he arrives! He is coming from Oklahoma.




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Ok, I don't want to be here all day, I have a hike to do. So lets shorten this up. Guess every two minutes starting after this post (everyone can start there new times now).


Clue for #1: Australian Shepherd is sooooooo close


Clue for #2: I named my little guy after one of my favorite movie characters that was partially filmed in Montana. Brad Pitt starred in the lead role.

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Wow, thanks! (And thanks to Google too!)

I'll email you my address right away.

Have fun with the little one!


Miniature Australian Shepherd



CONGRATS! Please email me your addy :)


Tristin is my new little boy and he is a Mini Aussie :lol:

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OOOOOHHHHHH, How cute congrats on your recept adoption and the addition to the family!!!! All the dogs I keep seeing in the forums, you guys/gals are just killing me!!!!


I want a dog so bad :) !!!!!!


Just get one :P


I remember when both Dakota and Cowboy were just little puppies. I don't have one pair of cowboy boots that haven't been chewed up, lost part of a couch, lost a counter top full of food, the ex-boyfriend lost a pile of clothes, and a few other things along the way. I was in town one day shopping in Target (I don't shop long, thank goodness) and I was checking out. I was looking towards the doors and remember seeing a puppy and thinking, 'oh how cute, that looks like Cowboy.' Then it dawned on me, it was Cowboy, I had left the tailgate down on the pickup and both dogs jumped out after I walked into Target, they came in looking for me, lol. Oh to be a puppy parent again. I guess I better start the puppy-proofing now and getting all the boots out of reach :lol:


Get one Dennis! Just do it! :lol:

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Tsun, Congrats on your new addition to your family!


We have 4 dogs. 3 of them are hunter dogs: Yellow Lab, Golden Retriever, and a German Short Hair.


What is truly funny is seeing our Herding dog, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, herd the other dogs when they are playing on our land. Most people do not know Corgi's are herders. He tries to herd the antelope that are on the property until he is exhausted from running after the fast antelope. His legs are too short, he can't keep up.


My kids want more dogs... I don't want anymore puppies.... or mouths to feed.


Enjoy your new pup. I suggest crate training. My dogs have never destroyed anything in the house because they have been crated while in the house when we are away or outside in the dog run.


If you do a coin with dogs I would be very interested in purchasing one!

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Well lookie here....Tsun has a new baby...tsun has a new ba-by!!! CONGRATS ON GETTING TRISTAN ADOPTED INTO YOUR GROWING FAMILY!!!! What a luckie doggie she is!!!! Maybe she and our new puppy can be BFFs :lol::)


Here is HERSHEY saying hi to Tristan!!! (She is held by jkgraziano with my boys in the background at the Idaho Geocoinevent)




Cool job on the cointest as usual tsun!!! :lol:

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That is one cute puppy!


We lost our dog Wednesday. She didn't die, but she had to go back to her former owner due to circumstances beyond our control and her own safety.


My poor little Hanna...she's still so upset as only a 7 year old little girl can be....


Sooooo... hug that little puppy close and give her a good petting and let her know that Hanna send it with lots of love and affection from here in Sweden!


Key... our beloved and missed geodog!




Hanna and Key at one of my favorite caches!



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