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Opinions between a Garmin 60CSx vs. a 76CSx?


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I chose the 76 csx because it is easier to operate the buttons with one hand,it floats and it lays flat,I would never pick an etrex model,I like the bigger screen.Get at least a 1 gig mem. card that will give you tons of room.Find a place where you can hold the 2 and then decide.They are idetical in operation,exact same software,same guts,different box.Anything new from Garmin is always full of bugs for a while.

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The guts are the same, the screen is the same, the memory cards shipped with the units are different, but you won't use them anyway. It is exclusively about the form factor. Which one feels better in your hand? Which button placement do you prefer. Some like a big pocket calculator with the buttons on the top. Others prefer a Russett potato with the buttons on the bottom. Discount anything else people say about alleged differences in these units.

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honestly the 76 is geared more towards marine use with its software options, and the 60 is more towards land use


For the money I would go with the vista HCX.........I have owned a 60csx for the past year and bought a HCX last week, I prefer it hands down already for geocaching because its accuracy does not fluctuate nearly as often and I recharge the batteries a bit less


in reguards to the 76 vs the 60.....go with the 60 you can easily operate that one handed.....and your thumb wont get in the way of the screen at all


overall though for the money its the Vista HCX hands down

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I bought a 76CSx because it was cheaper than the 60CSx. I like the form factor and find the buttons above the screen work really well when I'm holding it in my hand. Perfectly positioned for operating with my thumb. I haven't tried a 60CSx but I imagine the antenna stub would catch on things.


I don't know about the new HCX units - I bought my 76CSx a few months ago, just before the HCX units were launched (isn't it typical?) But to be honest, I really don't regret buying a 76CSx. Lovely unit and a lot better than the old Legend (probably 4+ years old) that I borrowed from my dad. That lost the satellites when I got under tree canopy, my 76CSx can get see satellites from my living room (although obviously it can see them better with a clear view of the sky).

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The Vista and other etrex units with an H in their name are great choices, and compare very favorably with the 60/76 x line. The chip set is Media Tek and not SiRF III, but users rave about these little units. If I weren't so old, I might go for one, but the screen size is just a bit smaller (also brighter). These ancient eyes need all the help they can get.


While all of these units can easily be operated with one hand, the 60/76 have buttons on the front. The little etrex units have buttons on the side. If you want to put the unit into a car to navigate, I personally think the buttons on the front make operation easier. If I hiked in cold weather wearing glvoes, I might prefer the button placement on the etrex line.


You really can't go wrong with any of these guys. If you have a good outdoor store nearby, your best bet is to go hold each one in your hand and see which one appeals to you.

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