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Bikers Amongst you!


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I think that any of you that ride a bike these days with all the uncaring,inexperienced and downright bloody minded drivers on the road,you are very tough and hardy folk.i hope you can get together for a bikers cache meet and some of us of course.to all you bikers a very happy christmas from patandjeff=bones1.

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I'm a girlie riding Kawasaki ER-5, started both biking & geocaching less than a year ago (winter-spring 2007). Enjoying both a lot!

My other half's got a TDM 850 and an XJR1300 (the latter one not quite running yet...) but he's not that keen on geocaching.. :anicute:


We've just moved to Bristol - would be great to get to know some bikers/cachers in this area! :drama:

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How do you guys plan your motorcycle caching trips?


Here is how I'm doing mine now. I start on the map and look for cities that I'd like to visit or some theme. Then I connect them with a strait line and divide it into 11 equal points So I end up with 10 caches between the cities. Next I use geocache.com to find the nearest cache for each point along the route.

I'm planing a theme trip when I get the 1200 GS bike. I call it the "300." It will start in Spartanburg, SC and go North to Sparta, NC.


This is the trip by car. It's 172 miles and takes 3 hours. Take I-85 north turn right on I-77 north then another right on I-21 north and your there. Boring!



This is the strait line distance of 117 miles.



I divide that by 10.6 mile segments and get 10 waypoints along the line.



Next I find a cache near each waypoint. Sometimes a good cache can be 15 or so miles away from the waypoint. Now the route is 196 miles long and goes through some interesting areas.



I end up with a route that has lots of squiggly roads that we bikers like. I rarley used the routes that I had loaded so I only load the caches into the GPS now and just go cache to cache picking my own way between them and the caches keep me on course for the city I want to go to.


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BMW 1200 GS Adventure


Nice choice, out of the bikes I have owned its certainly not a bike that has disappointed me. There are a couple of UK and US GS forums that are worth visiting for hints and tips.


How do you guys plan your motorcycle caching trips?


As for caching planning, I use memory map and GSAK to plan where I am going to ride and which caches I am going to do. That way I can see what caches are on green lanes (legal off road routes) or on roads that look suitable for biking. I also tend to use the bike for town centre caches as its easier to park the bike than the car and also a lot cheaper.

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