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GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit

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Good question. :D I'd like to know that too....


My company is a major contributor to our local science museum.


I have been trying for months to get in touch with our Museum Curator, Robert Bakker, through our PA Department, to pitch the idea to bring it here to the Armpit of the Universe. Which reminds me to bump our Public Affaires Rep about it again..... :)


It would be SO COOL if it came to Houston!


psst... Jeremy, You could possibly like meet the actual guy RESPONSIBLE for the concept that Jurassic Park was modeled on if you come here with the exhibit..... :):)

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The science museum I work in schedules the traveling exhibits up to two years out. I suspect that is the norm for this kind of activity, so it might be a slow start getting the GPS Maze fully booked into the network, but once it's out there it should do quite well. I really enjoyed my visit to the maze, and wouldn't have stopped in Muncie otherwise. I've already made the contact between the maze managers and the exhibit team here. It would be so cool to host it in NC someday. I hope they can work things out.

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