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Does anyone know "_Naksu"?

Team Pitkis
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A geocaching handle "_Naksu" was created on Saturday, September 22 this year

and the last visit is recorded on Wednesday, September 26.


Cacher has logged two caches,

GCXAJJ X-treme II – Viikintie Bridge and

GCX406 Vettä ja betonia, both loggings on Sep-22.


Apparently cacher has been in company of "iipee" and "vileevi" in Helsinki area.


He grabbed my Earth Geocoin with note explaining that the coin is going to

appear next in Lappeenranta. After that nothing.... as he doesn't visit geocaching.com -site

and I do not have any other means of getting into touch with him than sites send-mail,

I do need some help to get into touch with this cacher.


So, if you can give me even the slightest hint about this fellows whereabouts

and/or identity it will be immensely appreciated.


Aki from Team Pitkis :)

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