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Travel Bugs vs Trade Item


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This is probably not the first time this subject has been mentioned and probably won't be the last either. But a trend seems to be occuring in my area and I think it needs to be brought to a halt ASAP.


I wish some of you "Newbies" out there, as well as those of you who believe themselves to be "Experienced" cachers, would understand, once and for all, that when you visit a cache and place a Travel Bug into it, that does not give you the right to take out a "Trade Item" in exchange for it.


Travel Bugs are NOT Trade Items! They are to be moved from one cache to another, without regard to what else might be within the cache. If you want one of the "Trade Items" in the cache, then trade something for it(of equal or greater value) and just leave the Travel Bug as a bonus for the next finder.


By placing Travel Bugs into a cache and removing "Trade Items" in exchange for it , you will be contribute to the ultimate depletion of "Trade Items" within the cache, subsequently turning it into an empty box with just a log book. Is that what you want to find?


BTW, I hate it when people can't take the time to log Travel Bugs into or out of a cache, both in the log book and on the cache page.


If you are a "Newbie" or anyone else and that don't have a clue about what Travel Bugs are, you better read about them before taking one from a cache. If you don't know about them, then leave them in the cache for someone else who knows what to do with them.


Too many Travel Bugs are M.I.A. or are lost for long periods of time, simply because you don't understand what to do with them, not to mention the owners not having a clue as to the whereabouts of their Travel Bug for weeks and/or months on end.



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I understand the frustration inherent in the rest of your post. It has been done to death here, but you came to the right forum.


All I hafta say is it's not what you say so much as how you say it. Yours comes off a tad preachy.


What I'm really wondering about is this part:


BTW, I hate it when people can't take the time to log Travel Bugs into or out of a cache, both in the log book and on the cache page.


I live and cache in areas where I don't really wanna spend much time in one spot while caching usually because it's friggin' HOT and sticky followed closely by the fact that swarms of mosquitos will test my deet application skills and call their buddies as soon as they find a chink in the armor so it's best to keep moving. Either that or I'm taking a quick cachin' break on a trip. Either way, I'm pressed for time.


Out of habit, I generally write no more than my name and the date in all but the most worthy of cache logs.


Online is another matter. I give credit where credit is due, but I NEVER post my trades anymore and I RARELY mention a travel bug. The TB history takes care of that for me and my logging of individual TBs is really between me and the TB owner as long as I log said TB outta the cache it was in at my first opportunity. Which I always tryyy to do.


Your statement seems to be a personal control issue that many folks would likely ignore. Sorta like 1 for 1 trading rules at TB hotels. I guess you could be punative about your rules, but then, your reputation would precede you there after.


The Serenity Prayer works best in these situations. :P



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