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It's been a while now..


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It's really starting to get frustrating..I've contacted Groundspeak and hotmail respectively on numerous occasions for a long time..and it's litterally been months now. I'm not getting ANY e-mails from Groundspeak/the geocaching website anymore. People are e-mailing me for help on my caches and I'm not getting their messages. Half of the local cachers probably hate me by now!!


I don't know what to do short of changing my e-mail address..but quite frankly I don't feel like doing that. Both ends refuse to take blame for the problem and I'm at a loss.


Does this happen to anyone else? Has anyone else stopped recieving e-mails from geocaching.com all of a sudden??



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No, I still receive mails from Groundspeak.

But my host is not hotmail (read: Microsoft...)


Subscribe for a google mail account and read all your geocaching mails over there. If that is not good enough, forward the gmail to your hotmail. Maybe that helps you further.




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If you are using the new Windows live mail (formerly hotmail) you may have accidentally marked Groundspeak mails as SPAM. It is way easy to do. If you click on options, more options and safe and blocked senders. You will need to see if the Groundspeak domain is on the blocked list or you may need to add Groundspeak to the safe list.

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