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JR20 Flaming Pool Ball


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Finally my younger son, JR20's coin is available for purchase. It can be purchased at Cointracking or here. For every individual coin and coin set purchased $1.00 will be donated to the Humane Society of York County Animal Shelter.




3mm Thickness

9 Brilliant Colors

Imitation Hard Enamel & Glitter Enamel

Trackable with unique icon 1013.gif

Black Nickel: 137 made

Polished Gold LE: 120 made


$9.00 each


1-BN & 1-PG Set: $16.50


Shipping Charges:



2nd & up-$0.50

BN/PG sets

1st SET - $2.00

2nd SET - $1.00

w/Delivery Confirmation




2nd & up-$0.75

BN/PG sets

1st SET - $2.85

2nd SET - $1.60

w/Certificate of Mailing




2nd & up-$1.75

BN/PG sets

1st SET - $4.75

2nd SET - $3.30

w/Certificate of Mailing




$1.50 per ORDER

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I think I saw one of these at Cachetoberfest (GC1546V) and it looked awesome! Nice coin!


Yes you did. As a matter of fact we sent 4 to give away at the event. Were you a lucky winner?? B)


Unfortuntately no, but I did win a SC Black Nickel coin that is really nice too. I think either the Kohlfamily or EdistoPatto did win one. Its a very nice colorful coin, congrats!

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Are These different than the other one that were out a little earlier in the year <_<


I think they are probably the same (depends what you seen though). <_<


We actually got these back from the mint in time for GW5 and had them with us to trade. We have traded several, donated several to different events, and now are finally selling them.

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