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Logging a Geocoin

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i picked up my first geocoin and am having trouble logging my find. in the trackable items section, it recognized the coin number (TBX85P), however when i try to log my entry on the log page, it tells me that it does not recognize the nuber. what am i doing wrong?


Someplace on the coin there is probably a number, might need a magnifying glass to see it though. That is the number you need to use.

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PD's right, TBX85P is not the tracking number it's the reference code for the coin.

I.E. GCASDF is not the name of a cache but the reference code for it.


A coin or a cache has:

1. a name.

2. a type like, regular, or multi, or USA coin or ...

3. an owner.

4. a reference code for all the databases.

5. in the case of a coin a secret tracking number to prove you have the coin.

6. and actually coins also have an activation code but that's a different story. and mostly a one time thing.


On the coin is a number, which might be nearly microscopic, or possibly on any paper attached to the coin could be the number. If you can't find it then you will have to contact the owner of the coin and prove that you have it for him to give you the number. But the coin you have might not even be a geocoin. There are things called challenge coins, NAVY, Marines... All made by the very same companies who make geocoins. Does the coin you picked up look like the photo that the coin page you found shows? Arrg there is no photo of the coin there but do a trackable search for other Prague geocoins. Does it look like a Prague geocoin?

Or is it just a nice piece of swag?

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