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SHOW ME THE CACHE hits 10,000

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Way to go BUDDY, can remember when you were number one in the world with 350 finds, you have come a long way baby



Heh, and remember when finding "that many" caches back in those days required LOTS of driving/mileage/time??


Congrats SMTC from another old-timer here who knows of you by reputation.

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Why I remember meeting SMTC back in Jacksonville waiting for a ferry ride. We thought he was a homeless guy that was harassing our friends.

I guess we were wrong? :)


Congrats and on to the next 10K, keep on truckin! :)


He is a homeless guy (by choice that is) He and Cache-22 are waiting out just the right house. One thing about SMTC that I alway thought was great, is that he treats all cacher alike no mater how many finds you have. When I first met him, I had 10 finds and he invited me into the geo community like I had a thousand. It is because of the way he treated me that contributed to me becoming so involved in this game. Congrats and good luck in all your endeavors, hopefully your house hunting abilities will reap results soon.

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I began caching in July of 2001 because I read an article in the Louisville Times about Geocaching and SMTC. The first event I ever attended was thrown by his wife for his 1000th find. Over the years I have cursed his caches and I have laughed at his caches. I have marveled at his new ways of hiding containers. He has made my caching experience a lot more interesting. I want to throw a big CONGRATULATIONS to Darrel on such a momentous milestone. See you around ole' buddy.



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