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Hide a cache?

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Quick question, when you hide a cache do you also log it as a find?


I know of one instance where this was acceptable, at least to me. A friend in Sacramento hid a cache, it was in place for a while and then the DNFs started rolling in. He went to check the original hiding place and found nothing. He contacted the last finder who said something about "improving" the hide. He went back and in two more tries and more clarification found it in a completely different hiding place, a good distance from the original cords. I started to give him grief for logging the find but after hearing the story, it seemed okay. But that's just me.

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Nope, but I did post a DNF on one of mine once.:santa:

I went by to replace the log sheet and couldn't find it, so I went home and prepared a duplicate container with the same evil camo. It was found the next day, so I asked the finder for a hint, and left the 'replacement' on the shelf for another hide another day. :santa:


I think cybret and his sig line need to post in this thread. :laughing:

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Quick question, when you hide a cache do you also log it as a find?

If you hide the cache under your own account, then you get credit for the cache already as the owner. You should not also get credit for finding it.


But I can think of TWO possibilities for claiming a "find" for a cache that you personally placed. First, I personally found a cache near my house very soon after starting this hobby, then it went missing about a month later. The owner had been AWOL for a long time. I liked the cache, so I adopted it. I have credit for both finding it and for currently owning it.


Second, This Thread is discussing the pros/cons of claiming a find on a "Challenge" type cache, where you have to complete some significant challenge before being given the final cache coordinates. Examples include Delorme Challenge (find at least one cache in every Delorme map grid in a USA state) and County Challenge (same, but you must find at least one cache in every county in a USA state).


If the Challenge cache is placed using a team account, and you keep track of finds using a personnal account, then I see no problem with logging a cache you personnally hid (or helped to hide). Usually, the actual cache find and log signing is a teeny fraction of the total effort required in these cases. Assuming that you meet all the requirement, including going to the cache site to sign the log, then I see nothing wrong with logging this find.

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Quick question, when you hide a cache do you also log it as a find?


Yes, as long as it is a cache that someone else owns and I hid it after finding it.

All my cache hides have been standard caches so I haven't logged any finds on them. I guess I could log finds on my own web cam caches and the logs would be considered acceptable by most but I haven't.

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