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Magellan Explorist 500 vs. Garmin Legend HCx

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I can get the Explorist for about $140 and the Legend HCx for about $190...why should I pick the higher priced one ?


Are the elctronic compass and the Barometer worth going for the Vista HCx at $230 ?


It depends what your looking for. I like the vista as I can tell which way I have to go when Im stopped, rather than having to pace along till I get a direction every time I stop for a breath.

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As an owner of a Magellen eXplorist 500 LE, I am sending it back and paying the difference for the Garmin eTrex Summit HC.


I have owned the Magellen for less than a week and my 2 biggest complaints are:


1. Battery life is no where near what is advertised.

2. Takes FAR too long to get a fix.


Is an electronic compass worth the extra $$$$??? If you are geocaching, YES.



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I've been using a Garmin Vista Cx for about a year & LOVE it! But when my girlfriend recently wanted to get a GPS of her own I searched around for best prices & found what seemed to be a great deal on a Magellan Explorist 500LE. I didn't know much about the Explorist but assumed it would be as-good-if-not-better than my Vista Cx because it is a much newer model & the specs seem fairly comparable..


..boy was I wrong! :laughing:


Wow the 500LE was a huge pain. Satellite aquisition took way longer, "new" batteries would be all used up in 5-6 hours, NO auto-rerouting drove us NUTS, and the thing would lock up constantly & wouldn't remember option settings..


We called Magellan a COUPLE of times to determine if this unit was defective, and got quite the runaround from them. Finally they agreed there might be a problem so we're sending it in. However, as SOON as it gets returned it's going straight to eBay!


..I'm suggesting she look into a Garmin Vista HCx or 60CSx as her next GPSr :santa:

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