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Trading List Spreadsheet


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In an effort to make it easier to find someone's seeking list, I thought I'd give the Google Spreadsheet a try. That way we just search the spreadsheet instead of searching through this forum. The idea for this came from participating in the Secret Missions. Once I receive my recipient, I have to do a little research to figure out where their trading list is -- if they even have one. Also, when someone emails me for a trade they don't always leave me their trading link, I often need to search the more common trading sites to figure out this info.


Anyone can view the Google Spreadsheet @ http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=p0Z...k4pXAtBhZOzMuQA.


In order to edit the spreadsheet to add your trading URL, you will need to have a Google account (it's free) and to be part of the "edit" group. For some of you, I already had your email address and could add you with "edit" privileges. Anyone that has "edit" privileges can add anyone else to the "edit" list.


If you do not have a Google account and do not wish to open one but want your trading list on the spreadsheet, just send me your info and I'll gladly update it for you. Also, if you want added to the "edit" list, please send me your email address (please no PMs though as I prefer real email :D ).


If you do not have a seeking list, please list "None".


I hope this spreadsheet is useful for everyone. If you have any problems with the spreadsheet, please let me know. This is my first Google Spreadsheet.



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How about adding a column for "not in this list"... as in, I'll take anything not in my keeper or available lists, as my seeking list is pretty sparse on both of the main tracking sites and should only be used as a vague guideline.


How about a "Notes" field? This info could be added there.



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That sounds like a good idea but just as long as it's private like the address one is now. I really don't want my address out there for anyone to see.



The permissions will remain the same as the Address spreadsheet. This means that the Trading List URLs will no longer be public. That will be the trade off for having both in one file. But, having them both in one file will make it easier for everyone. I think I'll just make a new tab in the Address file and paste in all that URLs that we have so far.



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