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60Csx Problem


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I went out on my first Cache run today. (unsuccesful but a beatiful walk)


I selected the Geocache and elected GOTO. I tracked to the area of the cache. When I finally gave up I selected my home waypoint in order to plot the route back for practice. I tried this a few times and every time the GPS would simply plot the route from where I was back to the cache. I stopped navigation and tried again. All I could get was the route to the cache. I finally deleted the cache and that worked. I spoke to Garmin today and they said it shouldn't do that.... anyone here have any ideas?


Also, on the way back I happened to run into the owner of the cache and told him were i was searching. He told me approximately where it was and I was about 100 feet away from it. This with the GPS reading accuracy of 19 ft. This was in woods with leaf cover and some breeze. I also noticed that at time the GPS would say I Needed to go 30 ft north. I would go about 15 ft north and then it would be telling me that I needed to go 20 ft south. Is this typical or do I have some sort of issue with my procedures or the GPS?


I appreciate any help.





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Just double check that the map datum setting in the unit is correct. You'll find it under Menu > Setup > Units. The map datum option should be set to WGS 84 if it isn't already.


Consistent errors of that sort of magnitude are usually down to having the wrong map datum selected. Note the use of the word "consistent" though - you or the GPSr may have just been having an off day. I'd go and try to find a nice easy cache before you get too disheartened!


Good luck :D


weedboer - which unit do you use that you recalibrate each time you change batteries? I've never felt the need to recalibrate my 76CSx (same innards as the 60CSx in a different shell) to improve its accuracy - it's almost always spot on.

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