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Changes to HTML break browsing with Symbian Opera

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I've been experiencing this since October the 8th and noticed a few threads mentioning changes to the HTML code of the site, so if there is anything I can do to help you help me and similar users facing the same setup, here we go.


Browser: Opera 8.65 (latest version, downloaded a couple minutes ago) - it also happened on 8.50

OS: Symbian on a Nokia N70

Where: every access to any geocaching.com page triggers this behaviour

Error: "XML parsing failed: syntax error (Line: 1, Character: 0) <!doctype(yaddayaddayadda-HTML dump)"


No problem whatsoever opening the site on any other PC browser. But this was the only way to run it on my phone: opera mini eventually losts the authentication and is awfully slow and the built-in wap/xhtml browser doesn't know how to format the page. Accessing via WAP is a no-no too because my provider chomps the comments and session cookies from the WAP APN and it's unbearable to access anything outside their walled garden.

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