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My first cointest - Great Autumn Day!


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Yesterday was one of those rare, nearly perfect days. I had to work in the garden, weeding, removing old blackberry sprouts with plenty of extra large thorns and riping out big stinging-nettle. Not really what you want to do on a sunday... But the sun was shining from a cloudless sky, clear, clean air, and then it started. First a well known sound, far away, coming nearer... a large group of cranes on their way south flying right over the garden. And another group and another one and another one... I just love those big, grey birds <_< and it really made my day. After I finished that work I headed to another part of the garden where we have a chestnut-tree. Usually it is too cold here to get chestnuts from it, so I was really surprised to find some of them under the tree :mad: We had a few of them last year, but last year we had a long and hot summer, and this summer was short and not hot at all, so I didn't expect to find any that were ripe. In the afternoon we decided to drive to a swamp about 50 km away where the cranes usualy rest for the night. It is always a great thing to watch them arrive, especially the late ones which arrive after sunset when the sky is painted in beautiful colors. On the way there I was able to search for a great cache, and after all, this turned out to be a great day! I wanted to share that with you, and decided to do that with a little cointest. I don't have my own geocoin, but I hope it is OK if I give away another coin as a prize. It's a Happy Caching Pig Micro Coin ("Geocaching makes you happy" is written on one side, I thought this would fit).


What I want to know from you: How many ripe chestnuts did I find? (Not a trick question, I am just asking for the number!)



- 1 guess per post

- no edits

- 1 post every 10 minutes

- first correct answer wins (I have final say on winner)


Good luck!

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