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"Lady Luck" Geocoin - Wanna get lucky?


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Well.. just a reminder!


These will be ARRIVING in our store THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!


Don't miss your date with "Lady Luck"!!


Yes!! I have the delivery confirmed for tomorrow. They arrived in California and have passed through customs. Now all there is to do is start packaging them for Paula. WOOT! Look for them late in the week at their site.

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LADY LUCK – "Wanna get lucky?"



This week at GeocoinDesign you get your chance to get lucky!


llblonde.jpg llae.jpg

Don't miss the new "Lady Luck" geocoin available at our store in 3 regular editions, and ONE exclusive Artist Edition. Both editions will be available in polished gold and black nickel. We have our sultry redhead, the delightful blonde, the demure brunette, and the amazing black haired Artist Edition beauty. The translucent imitation hard enamel colors just pop on this coin, and underneath the enamel you can see the waves in our lovely ladies hair.


She is on her way to Illinois, and should be in our store by Thursday!

(We will of course post when she arrives, and the time the sale will begin!)


As everyone knows, Lady Luck doesn't wait around too long, so be sure and stop in to catch her while you can!


Coin specifications:


1.75" Imitation Hard Enamels – Translucent and Regular

Custom Icon


Black Nickel and Polished Gold


Regular Editions: Redhead/Green, Brunette/Red, and Blonde/Blue

Artist Edition (LE): Black Hair/Purple


The regular edition coins will be priced at $10.00 USD


Designed by Paula/CinemaBoxers of GeocoinDesign

Minted By Castle Coins and Pins



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AAAAAArrrg! I'll be on the road without access to a computer for the weekend by the time these drop. If anyone gets me for Secret Santa, I really like the red and green ones.


Edited to say: Oooh, I may still have a chance - 3 central is 4 local. I may not be out the door yet. Crossing fingers.

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