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"Lady Luck" Geocoin - Wanna get lucky?


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Hi folks..


Just a post to share the art for a coin I designed thats coming up VERY soon!


While its a little different than my usual style, and a slightly different 'genre' than I normally do, I wanted to do something a little fun and playful, that was a little retro and classy at the same time.


I call her "Lady Luck" - and I think shes a beaut! Shes done in a 'Pinup girl' style.



Who doesn't need a little luck on their side while caching? As you can see, shes ready for anything with her camo, GPS and boots! (Shes already found the cache - she just makes it look easy.)


The coin will be in translucent imitation hard enamels - with levels under the enamel to detail her hair.

Her skintone will be the only regular PMS color imitation hard enamel, and the metals planned are polished gold, and black nickel.


The art is back, and shes headed off to mint!


She will be available in 3 regular editions, and one VERY limited edition.

(Purple and black is the LE) But - there should be a 'Lady Luck' to suit anyone! :unsure:


Only one back is pictured in the above art. (Haircolor will match the front on each coin.)


The coin is 1.75" and is trackable with its own icons.




She will be available soon at our own webstore - I will post the link when the coins are ready to go in the store.


A BIG thanks to Castle Man for minting this coin!

I think shes going to be a lot of fun.



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This is one very nice lookin coin. This may just be the first one that I've seen that I have to order one of each color. Well, ok, I will at least be ordering 2 coins forsure. One for myself and one for a good caching friend of mine. Again, very nice, I really like the pin-up design with the ammo box. :o;):unsure:

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Very Nice!


You should do a whole series of these! :blink:


Reminds me of some of the pin-up art of Alberto Vargas.

Strangely enough, I got interested in his work when I found out he painted the album cover, Candy-0, for The Cars! :D


Hot Chics & Rock & Roll! Who'd guessed!! :blink:


Definately put me down for a set!


(How does one get on the "special" list to get a Black & Purple?)


D-man :D

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That's one mighty big ammo can!


I know that I've said I can't afford many new coins these days, but heck --- maybe I'll get lucky and be able to snag one or four of these. ;)


I'm with gridlox -- how do we get onto the LE list? Just have to be quick on the draw at the shopping page when they go live?


-- Scott

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Im not sure yet - the purple was in essence my AE - But, Im undecided yet.

Ill keep everyone posted well ahead of time!


What does "AE" mean? (Sorry, I am new to geocoinage.)



Usually means "artist's edition", specially made for the designer to do as they please.

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That would be me. :)


I have started spreading the butter so watch out, would hate to have you go sliding around... :)


Man this design makes me want to change my caching handle. :)


I actually put all the ladies from a calendar of this style on the walls of my dads apartment he has on my property in Texas. He sure gets a lot of ribbing when friends have to relieve themselves, somtimes 3-4 times per visit LOL :)


Love this design...

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That would be me. :)


I have started spreading the butter so watch out, would hate to have you go sliding around... :)



Well.. you have an 'in' by association if nothing else.. it helps if one is closely associated with my favorite artist. :)


I LOVE this style of art - and, frankly, those curvy ladies of the 40's were SO much more appealing than the stick figures they call 'bombshells' today.


Thanks for all the kind words!

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Hey Baby!...Ya need some help gettin that Big Ole Ammocan open there sweetheart? :(


Oh wait!!! :( ...I mean, excuse me miss...Your sittin on an ammocan I need to get in to. Can ya please move yourself. :laughing:


Um how about just...Nice Can!


I want a Redhaired Green Lady...Then a Brown Haired Red one too! Sheesh this is better than the Mustang Ranch...They come with an ammocan, Now thats my kinda Lady Luck.


Nice one Paula!

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