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What do you do for a living?


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Low level government drone doing tech support. I refuse to move and the only job advancement openings are in Sacramento - yuk. I'll stay where I am and keep hoping they decide they need an analyst position here. I keep getting job opening notices for analysts at various prisons as well but I live in Chico and that's where I'm staying.


Mostly I cruise the Internet and read the forums. Once in a while I actually have to work. I've been known to leave work to go get a FTF. :lol:

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My jobs seem way boring compared to some of you!


My one long-term M-F job is a school bus driver. I've driven EC school bus for over 30 years. I also have a part-time job M-S as a delivery driver for a local florist. Other jobs I've had are: taxi driver, receptionist at a middle school, waitress/cook, weekend help at an animal hospital, and delivery driver of photography film and supplies. Oh, and when I was much younger I had a newspaper route that I accomplished by riding my horse.

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By day, I am a relocation consultant for moving of employee's household goods for about 30 large corporations in the US.

By night, I am an amateur astronomer.


I do that second thing too.


By day I work for a large company. (Look at almost any electrical device in your home. On the back you will see a circle with two letter inside. That's the company)

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I'm always curious what people do for a living. I'm sure that there are quite a few retired folks here too. What did you do before you retired? When do you find time to go geocaching?


Myself, I am an active duty Air Force staff sergeant. I am a flight engineer on the E-3 AWACS. I sit behind the co-pilot and have a huge panel that I monitor. I control all of the fuel, weight and balance, hydraulics, pneumatics, electric generators, and I manage the engines. I also compute all of the flight data, handle in flight emergencies, and slap the co-pilot in the head when he wants to do something stupid. I love the job and the AWACS is an incredible aircraft.


What do you guys do?



medical office practice manager

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I build America!


I build bridges, dams, power plants, office buildings. manufacturing plants and communication towers. I have worked from 60 feet below ground level to 500' above the ground.


A year ago I was working on a new suspension bridge along side the Old Tacoma Narrows bridge which replaced the infamous "Galloping Gertie" bridge that collapsed in 1940 just months after its completion.


We worked in winds up to 50+ mph. Galloping Gertie collapsed with winds of just 49 mph.

Now i am working on repairing and upgrading a 77 yr old dam and its gates and valves.

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I drive a front discharge Ready-mixed concrete truck and deliver concrete to people over a large local area.

Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's tough, and sometimes it's pretty darn neat, especially times like the picture below, where it looks like I'm stuck, but the truck backed right on out without spinning a tire. :(



As only an "Osh Kosk truck" can do! Great picture...

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Teacher of five science subjects (8-12). Before that I worked as a photographer in a defense industry. Now I can describe to my students what it feels like to lift a metal that is only slightly less dense than gold. It was the uranium in the tank penetrators I occasionally photographed.



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I work very hard at controling peoples minds so that see what I want them to see, not what is really there. I'm also a very honest liar - I tell people I'm going to lie to them, tell the lie, and they still believe me. And they pay me to do all this! Ain't life grand!






















BTW, I'm a magician.


I thought at first you were a psychiatrist :santa:

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I'm the technical support administrator for the largest teacher's association in Pennsylvania. We have 14 offices around the state, and I occasionally need to visit each of them. Mine is mostly an 8-5 office job, but the occasional travel provides opportunities for caching outside my home area.

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I work very hard at controling peoples minds so that see what I want them to see, not what is really there. I'm also a very honest liar - I tell people I'm going to lie to them, tell the lie, and they still believe me. And they pay me to do all this! Ain't life grand!






















BTW, I'm a magician.

I was going to say Lawyer


BTW I am a contractor, so you can stone me now

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M-Th during the day I play with data. In the evenings and on weekends I see and deal with dead people. In between I plan events, bake cakes, decorate venues. I like to say, I catch you coming and going.


The same can be said for geocaching, I like to find them, coming or going from any number of my weekly treks surrounding my various business dealings.

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I teach high school aged students who have moderate to severe mental impairments. It is a challenging profession, but very rewarding. ;) I took them all geocaching one day. I set up some unpublished caches around the school and we all went outside for a couple of hours looking in the woods for some coffee cans. They had a great time, but I’m not sure it will help them get a job in the future. :D I really want to take them for a real hunt sometime. It is the only way I can figure out right now how I can get paid to geocache (Indiana tax dollars hard at work). :blink:


This is really me this time. Targetvarmints was my old name. For some reason even though I was logged in on geocaching.com as sojourners7, when I posted this it showed up under my old name?

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Girlfriend and I are retired Corrections Officers from Central Florida Reception Center in Orlando, Florida.


You've heard of Disney World, the Magic Kingdom?


We're Prison World, the Tragic Kingdom.


Come down on vacation, go home on probation, come back on violation.




Mark (and Peggy)

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Much as I have stated in the past on these forums and on the parallel "occupations" thread on this forum, I tend to wear several hats in life, but one of the primary hats that I wear is that of a private independent consulting and R&D scientist offering expertise in about a dozen fields in the sciences; I have clients on every continent except Antarctica, and sometimes travel the USA and the world providing onsite services.


However, one side venture which has started to take more and more of my time and attention, and which is also lots of fun for me, is a small venture called Many Worlds Starship Repair Facility which I started in year 2000. We provide design, redesign, maintenance and repair services for almost any starship technology found in this universe or in any of the alternate space-time continua. And, a somewhat related venture, also part of my Many Worlds Industries umbrella, is the cluster of two time-space portal-related service organizations which I also operate. While one of the companies focuses upon improving the stability and coherence of existing time-space portals (both naturally-occurring and those created by sentient beings), the other focuses upon the repair and remediation of damage caused by sloppy, unfocused or incoherent time-space portals, particularly the removal, rehabilitation and restoration of entities or beings which had been ripped from their original space-time continuum by such portals. I have a lot of fun with all of these ventures, and there is never a dull moment in these lines of work.

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I wear many hats !

I work as an offset newspaper pressman.

In the afternoon i am a real estate/commercial property manager assistant/handyman.

In any available other times i fulfill my duties as a Board member of the Lafayette County Fire Dept. as well as being an active FD Asst. Chief.

The rest of the time i am geocaching or planning/researching geocaching issues or working around the house/ doing "honey do's"

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I am a mechanical engineer designing high speed packaging machinery for the food industry with an overactive immagination and an artistic nature. If you buy it at the grocery store and it's in a pouch or a box, we're probably involved somewhere along the way. Geocaching (with my camera in tow) lets my true self shine thru and gives my shrewd and evil immagination a good outlet (which is why I often times like hiding more the finding) especially now that my kids are mostly grown :P

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Mrs Lost- Engineering Tech for the worlds largest manufacturers of slot machines. (Because everybody needs to gamble!)

Mr. Lost- Gave up Warehouse Relocation Specializing because the price of fuel got to out of hand (Looks at that $4 a gallon for diesel today with a sigh of relief he doesn't have to pay for it anymore!). Sold the relocator to work for someone else and is now Proffesional Poop/Grease/Sand/Oil Relocation Specialist but is now home every night which makes Mrs. Lost very happy! :D

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