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What do you do for a living?


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I am a Tech Seargent in the Air Force, right now I am an IT administrator, but list of jobs, flight engineer on an MH-53J, HH-60G, Special Tactics Support geek, Vehicle maintenance craftsmen. I have been through survival school, beatings and advanced beatings, navy dive school, mercury outboard school, zodiac repair school, five static line jumps with the Thai special forces, been to most countries in asia and the pacific, and am currently working at Kirland AFB New Mexico. ;)A medical condition keeps me from doing the fun stuff anymore, but retirement is around the corner.

I've been kicked out of the aircraft, at altitude, by guys like you. :huh:


I ended up riding a desk my last 5 years after a back injury sidelined me.

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I babysit adults (if by adult you mean college freshmen aged 17-19)...


Basically, try to keep them from burning the residence hall down, try to remind them that going to class every now and then is a good idea, and various other fun and exciting things like that...


I work in University Housing at a certain school in southern illinois... :-)

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I'm a cracker-salter. Without me your crackers would taste like dust.


Actually I'm a letter carrier, but Eddie From Ohio makes me see the similarity:


"Well my job's a cracker salter I work hard and never falter

As they come down the conveyor line

Those crackers I do salt them but my bosses I must fault them

Cuz they never pay me overtime

And it's cracker after cracker heading toward the cracker stacker

I take caffeine pills so I never tire

It's like sorting daily mail where there's never room to fail

And one day I think I'll open fire..."


One day I was delivering a rather large package to a house, and as I returned to the truck I saw two smalll dogs sneaking around the corner of it toward me. They were staring at me, walking slowly and silently, which usually means that they have evil intent, so I got nervous.


Then a second later, I noticed that they had horns. "Those aren't dogs," I astutely determined. "I think they're baby deer!"


After another second, I decided that any deer that small wouldn't have horns yet, and only then did it dawn on me that they were actually baby goats. "Hey! These are goats!" I said out loud, to no one in particular.


I tried to shoo them away from the truck, since they didn't look like they knew enough to keep clear of it once I started it up and I didn't want to run them over. But maybe my shooing motions looked to them like "Come to me, I have food for you!" or something, because they surrounded me and wouldn't leave. After a while I decided that I had no choice but to attempt to drive slowly away, and hope that the truck noise would scare them off.


So I sidled over to the door, and tried to slide it open just enough for me to squeeze inside... but of course baby goats are much smaller than I am, so before there was room for me, there was plenty of room for them. And they raced inside the truck.


Arrggh! My first reaction was based on the one thing everyone knows about goats: "Oh no! They're going to eat the mail!" This was immediately followed by my second reaction, based on the only other thing I know about goats, from seeing them at local agricultural fairs: "Oh no!! They're going to pee on everything!!"


Much as I didn't want them munching on the mail, even more did I not want to be struck driving a truck that smelled of goat urine.


Luckily I was near the beginning of the route, so the truck was still mostly full of mail and they didn't have a lot of room to run around. I did a quick over-the-shoulder check for Alan Funt, but didn't see him or anyone else with a camera, so I stepped in and tried to coax them out.I finally managed to grab one of them and sort of half-drag it around the driver's seat and under the steering wheel and out the door; fortunately the other scurried out right after it.


The thing that is different about this goat story than some of the others you may see here is that this one is 100% true, I swear it. Crab's honor.

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I test ocean bacteria levels for simming safety, as mandated by the state for permission to discharge treated sewage into the ocean. I also get to debate with the average guy who thinks I'm a liar when I say the water's fine, and he says he read otherwise in a paper, which quoted an activist group, which drew conclusions upon the data that I personally generated.


I also get to test the treated sewage for bacteria and chlorine levels.


Occasionally, I get the fun job of analyzing a substance known as sludge, otherwise known as biosolids, or BS for short.


Yeah, you know what I mean.

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Two jobs...


Weekdays, I'm a Web Interface Developer. What the heck is that? I always tell people that if you were building a house, I wouldn't be the architect, I'd be the general contractor.


On the weekends, my fun job. I'm a Senior Wine Educator at a prominent Napa Sparkling Wine house. I give tours, guide tastings and schmooze the VIP's. The best part... every day ends with a glass of bubbly!



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Mr. Setaspell retired from the AF a while back. He used to fly in AWACs in Alaska back when the Soviets were still a threat. Later switched to ground radars. Now works for a DIY store, which comes in handy for our other occupation, redoing houses and renting them out.


Mrs. Setaspell has done lots of things, including baking, teaching, and legal work, but now mostly takes care of stuff like houses, pets, child, and husband.


Young Setaspell spends most of his time learning his multiplication tables, practicing cursive, and playing computer games.

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Mr. Setaspell retired from the AF a while back. He used to fly in AWACs in Alaska back when the Soviets were still a threat.


Nuthin' personal Mrs. Setaspell, but your post gave me a funny mental image that I just hafta share... :P



Yeah, I know what you mean:


"Continue The Story By 5 Words, and so on, and so on, and so on....."


"The Person Below Me, TPBM"


"9,999,999 Snooganses On Ot, ROFLMAO $25 to the winner! NO cheating!"




Now that right there is REALLY funny, huh? :blink::blink::P

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28yrs repairing railroad cars. Mostly double stack equipment now, the ones that carry the big containers. If you have ever been stopped at a RR Xing and seen the yellow rail cars, that's our equipment.

Also part time blues musician. There is no money in it and it's a lot of fun so I guess that's not really a job...

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Right now a Computer programmer (I have my own company). Basically a Jack of all trades in there...Project Manager, BA, SA...etc. I'm on a Government contract now (last 2 3/4) years doing the Medicare Part "D" system, National Provider Identifier system...and other fun medical system stuff...(AS/400 iSeries).


Previous to that (1970's - Mid 80's), I was a Corporate Pilot. I left with 8400 hours.


Previous to that (1960's), I drove NHRA Dragsters and Funny cars. Most of the time at National Speedway and Englishtown (Raceway Park)....when it was still a runway and control tower (The Napp Brothers).

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I'm a financial management analyst/student//boyfriend/son/writer/geocacher/snowboarder/baseball plaer...In that order. The first one pays me. The second one will hoepfully pay me more. The 3rd one costs me. The 4th one charges me guilt. The 5th one is a dream. the 6th one is a hobby. The 7th one is a lifelong commitment. The 8th and last one is a lifelong, dedicated game I've played.

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I'm an AR Accountant for an earth retention construction company. We did all the retention work in the "bowl" of the Cowboy's new stadium last year.


The center picture is the "bowl" showing our work.


All that concrete siding stuff is Soil Nails, Soil Anchors and permanent ShotCrete.


It's an amazing structure... and we do that all over the country. Undergroud parking for high rises, work at airports, a LOT of jobs for Texas Dpt of Transportation.


It's very interesting and our clients are great to work with.

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I have yet to decide what I want to do.

Iwould really like to be a photographer, I have a coffee table book in mind but need sponsors as it involves driving thousands of kilometres.

I am also thinking of writing a book.

I am thinking of applying for a job with the police computer forensic unit, cos I know some computer stuff.


I would also like to be a millionaire but the lottery company is not cooperating, if they would then I would retire.


I thought about being a park ranger as well.

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I am a Captain of a Commercial Scallop Boat (i am george clooney in the the movie the perfect storm) i have been doing it for a few years now. I used to be in logistics in the air force. To me this job is more challenging. Especially when you are fighting 15 foot waves and 40 mile an hour winds out in the middle of the ocean.

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Previous to that (1960's), I drove NHRA Dragsters and Funny cars. Most of the time at National Speedway and Englishtown (Raceway Park)....when it was still a runway and control tower (The Napp Brothers).

I probably saw you at Raceway Park. I grew up in New Brunswick and made it down there more than a few times. The Summernationals were the loudest thing I ever experienced in my life, until I saw the Ramones play at the Boston U intramural gym in the early 80's.


I can still hear the radio spot for duh duh duh da /highpitched squeal Raaaaaceway Park in my head!

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I'm a "senior systems developer" (in other words, a programmer). Since I don't have anybody under me, I'm assuming that "senior" means "old". That's worrying considering I'm not even 40 yet.


My bosses try to assure me it's because of my experience (I've been programming for about 28 years). I'm not sure that "veteran" would make me any happier.

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Previous to that (1960's), I drove NHRA Dragsters and Funny cars. Most of the time at National Speedway and Englishtown (Raceway Park)....when it was still a runway and control tower (The Napp Brothers).

I probably saw you at Raceway Park. I grew up in New Brunswick and made it down there more than a few times. The Summernationals were the loudest thing I ever experienced in my life, until I saw the Ramones play at the Boston U intramural gym in the early 80's.


I can still hear the radio spot for duh duh duh da /highpitched squeal Raaaaaceway Park in my head!

Hey, stay away from my old stomping grounds! Though I probably missed G4H cause I didnt hang there until the late 70's-80's. Lots of weekend events. All the Nats. Every Wednsday night for time trials. We ran a heavy eliminator car back then. Mentors were Al McDonald and Jimmy and Jack Koziol (no wonder I only play with mopars).

I remember when the Knapp boys built the new tower and "raced" the old one down the track to be used for the motocross track. When the new tower was done, I had access to the Dodge hospitality suite in the tower many times. That sure was different. Preferred the stands.

Man, I'm gonna have to scan some pics from the good ol' days!


In the meantime, check this out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibyV-G7NjaA

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I sell oceanfront property in Arizona

Fascinating! In addition to my main full-time job, which I mentioned earlier, I have several part-time gigs, and one of them is working as a top upper-level distributor in a multi-level-marketing (MLM) company which markets only one type of product: we sell pieces of the Brooklyn Bridge.


I useta also work for another MLM company which marketed ice to people in northern Alaska, but for some reason, the company eventually went belly-up. Nice people though.

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Oops! I have just realized that in my two earlier posts in this thread, I forgot to mention what is perhaps my most important and demanding part-time gig, and also by far the most dangerous:


I work part-time for a large and very well-funded but very private non-profit agency – funded by many the government of many countries around the world and also by various philanthropic organizations --

devoted to protecting Earth and its inhabitants from visitors or other kinds of traffic (i.e., demons, microbes, poisonous gases, monsters, etc.) from other "dimensions" (a more appropriate term would be parallel worlds) or from elsewhere in our own universe which have traveled via "tunnels" in the quantum foam (aka spacetime foam). These tunnels are commonly called names in the popular lingo such as "Time Space Doorway", "Time Window", "Time-Space Window", "Time-Space Wormhole", "Time-Space Doorway", "Subspace Doorway" or "Star Gate" (this latter name was popularized by an ill-conceived TV series and some follow-up knockoff films. While some very few (fewer than one per year, on our planet) of these Time-Space Doorways occur naturally, the vast majority have been created by humans or other intelligent races, or even by entities from other universes which we would call "demons" or "devils".


Anyway, I am one of three field enforcement agents who work for this behind-the-scenes non-porfit agency. Our job – using an array of mind-blowing high-tech equipment, intelligence derived from embedded civilian operatives around the world, and a team of 20 top-notch intuitives – is to detect possible breaches and then investigate them quickly, and, of course, to take any and all necessary steps to ensure that the doorway cannot and will not allow any undesirable traffic (including looted artifacts from other worlds) to enter our world. In the case of the rare naturally-occurring doorways, this means shutting them down or, if that is impossible, installing Sterilizers (don't ask) and remote monitoring equipment at the doorway to ensure that if anything tries to come through, it will be disabled/neutralized and we will instantly be notified. In the case of doorways intentionally created by humans or other beings or entities (often from "elsewhere"), we almost always shut them down, and, in the rare cases where we are convinced that the intent of the operators is entirely benign and that they have installed adequate safeguards to ensure that nothing untoward can come through, we allow them to stay in operation but we do install extensive on-site remote monitoring equipment which will notify us if anything undesirable should attempt to come through the gate/doorway. Interestingly, there are only three such "permitted but with monitoring" doorways in existence on earth at this time, two are located in the state of Colorado in the USA, and one is located just outside of Moscow, in Russia.


At one time, there were fewer than four new human-made Time-Space doorways which came to our attention each year. Unfortunately, that has changed, and we now see far more cropping up, for the following reasons:

  • The popularity of the Damanhur community -- an Italy-based utopian kibbutz -- in Europe, and their spinoff organizations and cults. One of the larger foci of the Federation of Damanhur, as they call themselves, is time travel, and they have invested millions of dollars and thousands of person-hours to their time/space doorway efforts. Links to a couple of articles from the popular media on the Damanhur time-space doorway effort follow: <a href="http://www.lifepositive.com/mind/evolution/time-travel/damanhur.asp" target="_blank">http://www.lifepositive.com/mind/evolution...el/damanhur.asp</a> and <a href="http://www.skybooksusa.com/time-travel/experime/damanhur.htm" target="_blank">http://www.skybooksusa.com/time-travel/experime/damanhur.htm</a> In fact, my friend Drago Plecko, who had been a famed Croatian telejournalist and documentarist until Croatia's civil collapse in the 1990's due to civil war, at one time produced an award-winning documentary film on the Damanhuar time travel effort; one non-English language article on the film may be found at <a href="http://www.vjesnik.hr/pdf/2000%5C07%5C27%5C25A25.PDF" target="_blank">http://www.vjesnik.hr/pdf/2000%5C07%5C27%5C25A25.PDF</a> . Unfortunately, between the efforts of the well-funded Federation, their spinoffs, and their members and ex-members, they now account for at least eleven (11) newly-discovered Time-Space doorways each year.
  • However, the by far the largest problem has been caused by the decision in May 2007 by Ikea – the worldwide retail vendor of Scandinavian furniture and cultural oddities in kit form – to start offering a fully-functional Star Gate kit to consumers via it retail stores, at least to those who could afford the $136,400 price tag. The first of the Star Gates were offered for sale at an Ikea store in Manhattan (NYC) in late June, and it has been a nightmare ever since. One link may be found at <a href="http://tinyurl.com/25g7pa" target="_blank">http://tinyurl.com/25g7pa</a> The worst problem with the Ikea kits is that if a consumer accidentally employs any metal screws or other fasteners in assembling their device, instead of using ONLY the wooden dowels and stone dowels provided with the kit, the machine, when fired up, will not function as a Star Gate, but will often convert anyone who walks into it into something resembling a large cockroach. In fact, I just returned last nite from eastern Ohio, where I had to explain to a distraught mother and father -- who had used metal screws in assembling their Ikea Star Gate kit -- that the large smelly cockroach sitting on the floor of their living room was their 8-year old son, and that his favorite food from now on will be old spoiled chunks of meat and fish found behind the fridge, along with dust bunnies and cat turds stolen from the kitty litter box. Not an easy job, not at all.

This part-time job also accounts for my sometimes spur-of-the moment trips to places such as India, Europe, Central America and Nepal, although I usually tell people that my impromptu travel to far places is due to my being a scientific consultant. And, being a "geocacher" is a perfect cover, as I can use that explanation to soothe the ruffled feathers of local authorities who may be threatened by the sight of an American walking around carrying a GPSr and a bunch of other high-tech devices. Overall, it is a very tough job, but someone has gotta do it.

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I have probably talked to your Pilot and Co-Pilot.

I am a radio operator that works at MACS (Military Aeronautical Communication System).

I think you go by the C/S Sentry, Peachtree, Raymond 24 etc. and dont forget radar maint

Ours is Trenton Military.

Find us on 11.232 Mhz primary and 9.007 Mhz secondary.


Terminating phone patch

Trenton Military Out

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