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New coin Available Now...March of The Penguins


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Will any be traded? My new coin is being minted by Landsharkz and designed by Mad Hatter. :D


Hi TN Jed. Yes I will have some AE (XLE or whatever you'd like to call them) available for trade. ;)


Please let me know if you will do a trade for a least one. I will happily purchase the other metals. Just love to do a one on one with owners :D

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There are more gold penguins available at geoswag. :)


So the Penguin breading program is going well then?


LMAO!! Hey, I gotta convert everyone over to penguins. It's my master plan. :D:D:laughing:


Well - we'd all be well dressed, but I'm not sure about the females always swanning off and leaving the males to look after the youngens?

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