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SP on the radio

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Following on from Nobby's plea some time last month for someone to speak on BBC Three Counties radio, my name reluctantly got pushed to the front of the pack. It's due to be broadcast live on Thursday (tomorrow) the 11th of October around 10.30am-ish. I don't know if there's a listen-again feature, but here's the Three Counties web site. I hope I make friends with the presenter better than I got on with Radio Oxford's Anne Diamond a couple of years ago. Fat cow :D

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I hope I make friends with the presenter better than I got on with Radio Oxford's Anne Diamond a couple of years ago. Fat cow :mad:
Is the Anne Diamond interview on listen again anywhere?? :D


There's a transcript here or if you right-click here, you can download the MP3. Not my proudest moment, but she didn't give me a lot to work with!


That was bloody good SP, you did well there! Better than I could of done...



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I don't know if there's a listen-again feature,


I wouldn't count on BBC's listen again service, 2 mths ago they had major issues which are still not fully sorted out - local radios links a low down the pecking order, just tried 'The Nine O'Clock Show... ' listen again link and it doesn't work.

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I've got it set to record on my Mac and can export via MP3 if no-one else is already doing it.


If anyone has the technology to record this, perhaps as an MP3..? B)


Excellent - I'd like to hear it but unfortunately the office I work in is like a huge Faraday cage - I think it might have been designed that way :grin:

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Oh hey, you sounded great Paul! I just listened to the recording on the Bolas Heathens site (thanks for making that available chaps!).


My mum just rang me to say that "someone was on 3 counties radio talking about that geocaching thing you do", and she said you were really good at explaining what it all was as well B)

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Thanks for the MP3 The Bolas Heathens - and well done Paul - you kept your cool in the face a lack of understanding. And I'm very impressed you'd changed your name by deed-poll by the end of the piece - very enterprising!


And btw - I'm with kbooth about the presenter - probably not briefed before the broadcast.

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He was friendly enough, but clearly hadn't been briefed at all. Did anyone else phone, text or email in after I left? Seemed a bit too short and sweet, but hopefully getting the geocaching.com name over clearly will be enough to get people who are interesting to more info.


Thanks to The Bolas Heathens for the MP3, and it was my mistake about Nicky Campbell - I was thinking of Andy Kershaw. Sorry Nicky! I'll upload the photo I took of Ronnie somewhere, and post it here later.


Glad everyone seemed to enjoy it anyway :laughing:

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