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Adding New Address Book.

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Hello all. I would love an invite as well. I just recently became active in the geocoin forums and am looking forward to being apart of this list and using this list as well. I pm'd mousekat yesterday. Was I correct in PMing this person? If not could I get some guidance.



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help...tried to get an address yesterday, and all I get is a blank page!



Try it today. It might of been down yesterday. It has been working today.


just a big blank page..can someone please e-mail or pm me the address

make sure you are hitting the addresses tab at the bottom of the page.

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Okay, so I'll send my name and addy to Neilsen. Then, someone sends me an invite and I'll be able to see the addresses of others on the list? Sorry for being so clueless.. I just got in from a trip out of town and am trying to catch up on things.

Yep. Anyone all ready in the address can send an invite and all they need is your email address. Then you can add your name and address and see everyone else's.

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still getting the big blank page...help! Kinda has a header that looks like this:


To use this document please click on "Addresses" at the bottom of this page and enter your information on the last row at the bottom of that document


To add another person to the list, click on the *Share* Tab and add that person's e-mail address as a collaborator.

This is an *open* document. Anyone may edit this at anytime


This information is not to be used for commercial use


The intent of this is to share addresses among fellow cachers


Thanks for visiting!!!


It is best that the individual post their own address and personal information.

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I agree with Eartha, don't post your emails publicly.... unless you feel the need to get more email on viagra amongst other things :).


If you send a pm to someone to request an invitation, please be sure that you include your email address IN the pm. Anyone who ads someone needs their email addy to do so!

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