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Bug: extra paging control on the bottom of seek-page

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Fixed :)


I don't think so.

My one and only Bookmark List still shows:

Total Records: 60 - Page 3 of 3 Prev. << <[1 2 3]> >> Next

When first going to it from any computer before clicking on the checkbox to view 50 at once.

It appears that I'm on page 3 but am really on page 1. Clicking 1 will bring me to page 1 and all looks correct. Clicking 2 instead will bring me to page 2 and all also seems correct. But that initial incorrectness is what's been bothering all the people who comment on bookmark lists.


Edited to say.

Maybe I should add that I am no longer a Premium Member so I can only 'view' my Bookmark List and not edit any of them or add any new items to it. I don't think this has any bearing on this problem though.


And to slightly correct some of those unshaded colors. They still are not exactly what one would see though.

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I will make sure this paging problem with the bookmarks is fixed.


The 'Extra' paging controls at the bottom of a cache search page should also be fixed as originally this posting mentions.


P.S. Why is there a travel bug icon down there under the Download Waypoints button link?

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