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Would you believe, the geocaching chat turns 300 (weeks) this Monday!

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A long, long time ago, right around here somewhere, somebody asked whether we could have a live chat. The call went out for a volunteer, and after everyone else took a giant stride backward, I was called upon to put it together. :D On Monday, January 21st, 2002, at 8:30pm Central Standard Time, the very first "weekly official geocaching chat" was called to order (hehe, more or less).


Yesterday, we had the 299th weekly chat, and in those 299 sessions (and the 166.5 hours per week between them), we have had the great pleasure of chatting with many geocachers from all walks of life and almost all continents -- I don't believe we've had anyone on from McMurdo or South Pole Station, but hey, nobody's perfect. We've also had the occasional loon, of course, but those have been very few and far between (although in the case of TJWilson, even the one is enough to have forged a permanent memory on any who were around for his unbelievably spectacular display of unbridled idiocy... but that's another story).


So, next week is the three hundredth weekly official geocaching chat, and we'd like to openly invite *everyone* to join us (except TJWilson, who can call in if he'd like, but who is still banned from the chat pending the heat-death of the universe :laughing:). If you've never joined in, come by for the sight. If you used to chat, drop in for a visit, and if you know someone who used to chat, invite them to come back, even if just for this one special occasion.


The chat will be, as always, Monday night at 8:30pm CDT (UTC: 1:30am Tuesday morning), and you can get there through the link in the forums list, but going directly to the java chat applet, or by connecting to irc.slashnet.org and joining #Geocache (if you have any idea what that meant, that is -- otherwise, use the easy links :laughing:). It usually runs about an hour and a half, with many people hanging out before and after the "official" time.


Anyway, we'd love to see you there this Monday to celebrate 300 consecutive weeks of the chat, so drop by Monday night if you can.


How to Access the Chat:

Chat #300, Monday, October 15, 2007, 8:30pm - 10pm CDT

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