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Home Exchange for Geocachers from Nordic Countries

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We are Geocachers from Sacramento, California USA. Every couple of years we take a big trip to different parts of the world. Lately we have added geocaching to our traveling. Last Christmas we hiked all around Germany getting Caches!!!


In order to make trips like this more affordable we do home exchanges. We swap homes and cars with the people in the other country. It makes the trip affordable and you get to meet new people and live in real neighborhoods instead of tourist areas.


We are members of several Home exchange services onliine (homeexchange.com, homeforexcahnge.com, and intervac.com).


Our neighborhood is LOADED with caches. Many of them are mine and they are Very good....even if I do have to say so.


So let me know if you have any interest in a home exchange next year in 2008!!

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