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Too many caches placed by any one person


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I think that placing caches should be limited to 3 or less per person. In the area I live only a few people have caches out, some with 15 or more, which leaves no place for a new person to place a cache.

There will reach a time with more and more people wanting to enjoy this sport, they will not be able to place a cache, they will only be able to look for a cache.

I brought this up to Graoundspeak, but they said I should voice my opinion on this forum. I don't know why the people in charge of this site can't or won't change it.

If somthing is not done about this soon. It won't be long before no one in a area, such as in the Saginaw, MI area will be able to place a cache.


Let me know what all of you think on this subject.

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I think you should be allowed to place as many as you want, but they should not be all in the same town or parks! If you place a lot them, "do be creative" and drive to other towns and parks, and place them!

Even ask to place inside buildings and etc. But don't put all your eggs in one basket, as the saying goes!


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I disagree with the 3 limit. I have 9 active caches at the moment and where I live only three of us place anything close. But as long as the owner can maintain the caches that he/she place then they should have no limit. The key is maintaince. If they can maintain them in a reasonable time frame then no limit should ever be placed.


A suggestion. Have you talked with any of the cache owners. You might say hey I have a great idea for a new cache but it might mean moving yours. Then if that owner doesn't really care or wish to mantain there cache, it would give them the oppertunity to put there's to rest or they might what to find something new too.

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I am not complaining about where to hide caches in the area. I am just saying that in the future maybe 10 or 20 years down the road, there might not be any place to hide a cache.


I submit that if this game exists at all in ten years, it won't be in any form recognizable today. Heck, the way it was played around here 4.5 years ago when I started is almost unrecognizable now.


Re: your comments about too many caches. I see that the 500 cache radius for Saginaw is about 35 miles. From my residence in Seattle, the same number of caches lie within about 6 miles, and a big chunk of that space is water. In Silicon Valley, the 500 cache radius is about five miles. Yet in both those areas, with densities of 30-40 times that of yours, new caches are still being hidden. Sometimes it takes a bit of research to find good locations, but I have my eye on a few of them myself.


Another thing to consider years down the road is the natural attrition of geocaches. In the past two years, about 7,000 new caches have been placed in the State of Washington. In that same time, about 3,000 caches have been archived.


Experience will give you a more realistic perspective.

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At the risk of going OT slightly: it is not the job of Groundspeak to organise the physical removal of a box, which might be listed at any number of sites, when the geocaching.com listing of that box is archived. For many people "geocaching.com" = "geocaching", but it ain't so. You'd be surprised how many archived caches are alive and well on alternative listing sites, especially following geocides by people who don't agree with what they see as the ridiculous requirements imposed by this site, such as a maintenance plan and permission.

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