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I have had to mark two TB's as missing even though I know who has them even after I have emailed them 3 times each with no answer. I think I'll hook my next TB to a dog turd so the brave person who takes it will move it along more quickly.


Hate to tell ya, but you wouldn't be the first one. It doesn't help.


Losing two bugs each in the first cache truly bites.

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ill maybe give mine another few weeks, if nothing shows possibly try send out the copy tag with a note


I don't even begin to worry about a bug until at least three months have passed, minimum. Yours was picked up at the beginning September. Give it some more time.


After a bit send them a friendly email asking them to place the bug and mention that maybe if they should need it, you'll be willing to help have someone place the bug for them. Or even pay for postage back to you


Just remember sometimes life gets in the way of caching. Pushing people isn't the best way to get your bug back in circulation.


I also recommend waiting at least a year before re-releasing a lost TB.

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I disagree. After a year or two, give up hope. Use the copy, or take some metal (I use aluminum flashing cut with scissors) and make a replacement tag. The tracking number is on the TB page if you're the owner. Grab it back, wrap the tag around something new, change the name if you must and turn it loose again.

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We just had our first, handmade TB come back to life after 6 months stuck in a cache in Florida. I'd emailed the last few finders who didn't log the TB and nobody reported seeing it, but it was indeed still in the cache. Now it's back in action! Whoo Hoo! 6800+ miles and counting!

We had given up hope for this one too.

Just wanted to share our success story with you so you won't give up hope on your TB. It could even be back in your hands someday.

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I just had one come back into circulation after eight months. It was picked up right after I released it, and the people hadn't been caching. I had released three one day, and two of them haven't moved since being picked up. I wrote both holders after several months went by, and the holder of the one brought back into circulation explained what was going on with it, and released it in London yesterday. Still haven't heard back about the other missing TB....but I have several out in the world, and have learned...be patient...even when you think it is missing...they show up where and when you least expect it...

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Just because Groundspeak says you should move it within 2 weeks doesn't mean that's a holdfast RULE or even a practical recommendation for most folks. Don't drop a note to the holder of the TB for at least a few months, and don't give it up for dead for a year or maybe longer, even. I suspect that most cachers (like myself) only get out at most once every few weeks, and sometimes even once every few months.


One of my TB's was in a cache that got smashed up by a bulldozer. The cache owner reported all the TB's missing and changed their status to reflect that. A couple weeks later, a cacher turned up and reported that he had picked up my TB before the cache got 'dozed. Only problem was, he reported a 'discover' not a 'picked it up' on my TB. So, I was unsure of the status of my bug for 5 months. After 2 or 3 months, I dropped the cacher a friendly note asking if he even had it. Just recently, he placed it and squared away his logging of it online. After placing/logging my TB, he even sent me a little note apologizing for the long interval. It's good by me. I'm glad my TB wasn't buried underground or run through a woodchipper.

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I have had to mark two TB's as missing even though I know who has them even after I have emailed them 3 times each with no answer. I think I'll hook my next TB to a dog turd so the brave person who takes it will move it along more quickly.


You mean like this TB of mine?


Now, That is something else. Did you make it yourself? There's a couple of those kind of caches around here!!!

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I have a HORRIBLE time with some travel bugs. I usually move them pretty quickly but here lately with my work schedule I haven't log 3 coins and 2 or 3 travel bugs. They are safe at my house and I have had them for less than a week but I still feel bad. I have had one for over a month mainly because of its' goal. The owner wants it to go to his previous home ports. I am able to cross two off the list but have not turned it loose because of the picture dilemma. We took it to the Coast Guard station to take a picture only to find we are not allowed to so all I got was a really lame picture from in front of the base with the coin in front of the sign. The Navy, even with me stationed here, is going to be a bit of a challenge. Hopefully it will make its way back out this weekend since I will be home and I can download the picture I have plus some more.


When we first started we kept one for a couple of months, once again because of the goal! We wanted to get pictures of it with the civil war re-enactment going on but the owner seemed to just want it set free. So we did, without any pictures. The re-enactments are usually across from our house in the Yorktown battlefields. No events when we were off work. :D

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