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Anyone else have a 60cs

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I have two.



Relative large screen for a handheld.

Easy pressing the buttons with one hand.

Good reception.

Lots of features, e.g. alarm, calculator, stopwatch, calendar, yada yada yada.



Kinda bulky and heavy; it has popped out twice from the cradle on my bike when I hit medium terrain.

Relative to my Vista HCx, screen is not bright in sunlight.

Missing external card, aka only 56mb memory.

Buttons are not recessed; mine are starting to wear out from usage and from rubbing against the gps cover.


Overall, it's a good backup unit to my HCx :laughing: .

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I have used both the 60CS and the 60CSx.


Pros of the 60CS:


Lower price




Limited map memory means you will have to carry a computer with you if you travel too far out of your home turf. Especially if you want both street and topo maps.


Garmin has discontinued the 60CS and is only partially supporting it. The newer CityNav street mapping software is optomized for expandable memory units, and is becomming less friendly for the older units.


Marginal reception in tree cover and in canyons.

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I have a garmin 60cs. The "Memory full" icon has appeared and I don't know how to get rid of it..Any ideas?


Problem solved...Mrs kwver called Garmin and they taught us how to reset the Garmin to the original factory settings. This solved our problem..

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