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Tourism and geocaching


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Recently I had the pleasure to visit Gillette, Wyoming on a short 3 day trip to check up on an employment prospect. During this trip I noticed a series of caches placed by the Gillette Chamber of Commerce under the handle gillettevisitorcenter. I found that their 11 caches really helped me get to know the city well. I found one cache under a caboose placed infront of a museum and one with an awesome view of an open pit coal mine. In their visitor center, along with all the tourism related flyers, maps, and brochures was a custom made pamphlet entitled "Geocaching in Gillette". Plus the facility which is right off I-90, had a massive travel bug hotel.


It is nice that when public organizations can take a positive role in geocaching. It adds layer of public recognition to our hidden hobby. Plus it brings in tourism dollars into their coffers (just think of all the gas and snack money we spend).


Anybody know of any other government groups that sponsor caches? There used to be one in a Nevada state visitor center on the CA/NV border in Primm, NV (GCHGW9). I know Utah State Parks has a nice collections of caches too.

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I may try to start up such a set of caches. I have many placed at historical sites and interesting places to visit while here. I always cache when travelling..... Florida, N caroling....


That's a splendid idea. I will look into it with the local authorities. Could you possible post a picture of the brochure to see how they listed the caches????



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I just co-presented a session on Geocaching Success Stories for the National Recreation and Parks Association annual exposition in Indy last week. We presented two main case studies, and mentioned other agencies doing things with success.


Indiana Department of Natural Resources: 2006 Fall Into Geocaching Contest (22 caches, first to find 10 in the State Parks. A few were adopted out at the end and are still around http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...0a-9365b4b547c7

2007 IDNR Geocoin Giveaway, 500 special made geocoins hidden in state park caches. Believed to be first state agency ever to produce a geocoin. In 2008 will debut the Spring Geocaching Quest.) Probably the state to do the most geocaching activities in the state parks.


Chicago Naval Station is using geocaching on their base as a recreation activity. These are not open to the public.


A couple other tourism bureaus have used geocaching cities they are not in, to draw those folks over to their state or city.


Do a search on geocaching packages, and you will find scores of hotels offering geocaching packages, complete with GPS unit, and special caches available only to hotel guests.

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Around Ohio, The Ohio Historical Society has placed several caches at some of the various parks and areas they own, under the name ohiohistory. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, who manage the state parks, have put out quite a few caches and also have held a contest of sorts the past couple of years. Essentially you find certain caches they've put out, once you've found the whole set you are invited for a free weekend camping Geocaching event.


I also know there are a few other local parks districts around the state who have placed caches as well, but I can't remember off the top of my head which ones.

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