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I plan to attend (in the next 30 days)


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I posted an 'I will attend' log to an upcoming event a couple weeks back. The other day was looking at my 'My Account' page and saw that at the top of the page was a list of events 'I plan to attend (in the next 30 days)' but the date on the event was the date I posted the 'I will attend' log, not the date of the event.


Would it be possible to change the dates shown for the 'I will attend' logs on the 'My Account' page to show the date of the event rather than the date the log was created. Personally I don't find it useful to know when I said I was going to go to the event, but being able to quickly see when the event will happen would be useful.


Sorry if this has been brought up before.

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Thanks ShowStop for the Markwell's. I've been meaning to do that the last 6 times someone started a thread on this subject but I've just been too lazy. Or maybe it's I've been too busy caching.


Any one else care to start a betting pool with me on the date that TPTB actually respond to this question? I'm going with 6/29/08. Don't be afraid to jump in here, it's only $1 a day!



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Yep, posted a "will attend" for an event in Skagit Co. coming up this Saturday - I posted my intent on September 11 - and sure enough, it dropped off the top of my list on my account page today (30 days to the day I posted it). Good thing I didn't forget that I had planned on going...


Thanks for letting us know ya'll are working on it. Looking forward to the fix.

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I agree on this one. I had an event that I responded to, and it was showing up as events I planned to attend in the next 30 days even though it was quite a bit more than 30 days away. It irritated me, so I deleted my "will attend" log so it would go away. Thirty days is more than enough for me on that. One week would work.

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