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La Crosse and Appleton WI

Prairie Hound

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I'm from South Dakota and will be driving to Appleton WI next week. I plan to do the "Cache along a route" thing, but I'm looking for suggestions for not-to-be-missed caches in the La Crosse and Appleton area. In particular, I need good TB locations as I will be bringing some TBs that are headed further east. If there are TBs in your area that are headed west, I'll grab them for my return trip. I'll be travelling Hwy 21 to Oshkosh, then north on Hwy 41 to Appleton. Would prefer to keep terrain and difficulty no greater than 3.


PrairieHounds Ann

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I assume you'll be coming in on Interstate 90. That being the case, you should be sure to stop at the Enterprise Rest Stop, just west of Lewiston, MN for a quick, fun grab.


The city of Winona, MN has a number of nice, and moderately quick and easy caches along its lake if you wanted to add some caches to your log...AND...the drive from Winona to LaCrosse on highway 61 (along the Mississippi River) is one of the most beautiful drives in the country (about half an hour).


Happy caching!

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I see you have plans on attending the event in Appleton while you are in town.


In addition to the event, here are some Appleton caches from my favorites list and a few others I would recommend:


GCVDYE - Gilligans Island - Is a great little hike in an "urban woods" and you get to try your luck at some stream crossing.

GCZCQH - Real Gone | Hoist that Rag - Is a cool Multi near Gilligan's Island and it has an interesting final...

GCWT2K - Dead End Hog Heaven - Not your typical Dead End Cache. Is a must see in the area.

GCNNJ9 - Dredging up the Past Earthcache - Is a must do if you are into Earth Caches. Its about the only one in the Appleton area.

GCWZ25 - Moonlighting for Cache is a fun one if you need a night-time cache "fix".

GCNA82 - Metamorphosis - In downtown Appleton. Was voted WGA "cache of the month" back in September of 2005 and is still alive and a very fun cache.

GCR69X - Twelve Creepy Grottos WSQ - If you like Cemetery caches this one is a must see. Your timely October visit may make this a must see. The area is supposedly "creepy" and the neighboring cemetery actually has a supposed "haunted" gravesite.... Theres a cache near there as well but it's a puzzle that is not an easy solve.

GC13MEM - Bear Bear's Rest Stop & Bug Motel - Not really a unique caching experience but it's a good spot to visit if you have some Travel Bug/Geocoin needs.

GC15N58 - For the Birds - A very well stocked Ammo Can (there arent many of these in Appleton!) with a good hike. Just the read the logs for help with parking.

GC101QB - A Shot in the Dark 7 - If you are planning on any stops in Oshkosh as you pass through this is a good challenge that's not too far from the Highway. This series is an interesting one and there are many around the Appleton area.


Hope this list helps!


Enjoy your visit to the area.



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