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Road Trip coin contest


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OK I gave it 3 minutes -




I need something to entertain me while getting ready for geocoinfest! :sad:

Bingo! sillygirl & jrr emailed the answer earlier, but being a previous winner, that didn't count. I'm sure I already have your address so I'll send the coin in a couple of days. I promise the next question will be more difficult. :grin:

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BTW - I'm waving from about 200 miles north of you. Can you see me? :sad:


So was today another excellent adventure?

Yesterday was good... except for these things we don't have many of in California called mosquitoes!! I feel like I have the chicken-pox again... almost. Doesn't help that I always were shorts, go running through the brush and woods like I don't have a care and then stand there and get attacked. I even came back to the car with one sucking on my forehead and Ms. PP, rather than trying to smack the thing or persuade it to move along, just stared at it for a few seconds (while it continued to feast) and then said, "Hey... you got a bug on your head." But besides that, we saw all kinds of cool stuff, even sat out front of Leavenworth prison, not that that was a lifelong dream or anything, we kinda just stumbled upon it, but it sure was an impressive place. I wouldn't even drive faster than the speed limit around that place.

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Thanks not just for the cointests, but the updates... I imagine there are more than a few people watching this thread to keep up to date with your exploits! :D


Cache on my friend. Cache on!

Thanks Craig.

If anybody wants a little more detail about where we went and what we saw, it's documented in the logs of a Friendship Run Compass Rose coin I received from glennk721, TB1JV70. That coin will be moving on to somebody else now. :mad:

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All the contest winning coins were shipped today. Congrats to all the winners.


Geez - I got enmeshed in the event end of last week and missed this entirely. Thank you so much! Wow! For al the fun and making us (well me at least) feel like I was on the trip with you. For all the thousands of miles we have done I can't wait to do some more. The weather just turned cool here. This is when I love to get out and start traveling.


So are you home? I guess I can go find that out. :D I look forward to reading your journal entries on Glenn's friendship coin.


Happy trails!

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