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Road Trip coin contest


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I had planned on leaving approximately 60 Road Trip coins behind in caches on my current 10 day road trip, but that would leave many people east of the Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa area left out. Not the end of the world, but I figured I could give them (or anyone else) a chance to get a free coin here, in the forums, without even turning on their GPS's. I'll try to have a few different contests throughout my trip, motel internet connection dependent. If you'd like a free coin, probably an Antique Silver version, be the first to correctly tell me how many caches I found today, 9-28-07. First correct answer wins, no edits allowed, one entry only. As the contests continue, no duplicate winners allowed. The prize:





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Busy day! :D

This would be correct. I had hoped to slip a virtual in there to make it a tad bit tougher, but the Saloon got it the way of that. PM me your mailing address and I'll ship out your coin when I get home.



Thanks for the contest! Sorry to hear about how miserable day 2 was. :) PM on the way! :)

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Tonights contest... tell me the name of the town that I end up spending the night in tomorrow night, September 30th. Couple of hints... if you know where we were last night, and you know we try to cover approximately 350 miles/day and I tell you that we went further than 350 today and will probably go less than 350 tomorrow, then all you need to know is it will be somewhere along I-40. The original plan was to go to Clinton, OK. I don't see that happening, I need more caches than miles now, but who knows. Same rules... no edits, one guess, one win.

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Shamrock, TX right off I-40 with Rte. 66 running right through it.


I remember driving this area years ago. Save for one town there was nothing going on there. Let us know how much it has developed over the years. :):)


Have you seen the 2007 edition of the State Farm Rand McNally Maps? They have a great history through out the map of Rte 66. It was great to read all about the historic highway as we traversed that area in June.


Hope Ms. PennyPacker is feeling better!!!


Safe travels. :D

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