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Can't decide


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I have read all the posts, and compared the two GPS units... I am stuck. Is the Foretrex 101 better BECAUSE it takes batteries? Or is the 201 better because it is a recharge?? I assume and I gather that these two GPS units are the same except for that very reason.


What I am asking is an members have any input to this dilema?





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the foretrex line is for runners, and afaik, it does not take replaceable batteries. the 201 takes AAA batteries and is more appropriate for geocaching and just finding your way somewhere / back to somewhere. If you're hiking, you want to be able to take out spent batteries and insert new ones.

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A friend has one of the models with the rechargeable batteries and it works for Geocaching very well . . . however . . . it connects to a computer with a Serial cable. Many newer computers don't have Serial ports. You may need to purchase a Serial to USB cable and some of those work better than others . . . :o

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Go with the foretrex 101. I went with it because it takes common batteries and you can get AAA batteries pretty much anywhere. I don't have any outdoor devices that use rechargeable batteries, because the last time I checked, trees don't have electrical outlets :o


Think of the foretrex 101 as a Geko 201; because they're essentially the same thing. The main difference being that the Geko has a vertical display and the foretrex has a horizontal display.


I keep my foretrex in a small daypack and whenever I go anywhere outdoors, that pack (and foretrex) always go with me.


As far as using it for geocaching, you can. You just can't load maps on it.


One other thing; Garmin has two lines of wrist devices with similar names which could lead to some confusion -- foretrex and Forerunner. The foretrex is a navigation device and the Forerunner is a fitness device. Using the Forerunner for geocaching would be extremely difficult since it does not display coordinates.


Hope this helps and good luck on your decision.

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I prefer electronics with changable batteries. This is especially true for items that I use outdoors such as MP3 player while running or GPS reciever while caching. I can always carry spare batteries while outdoors and change them when needed. It also makes life easier when traveling, camping or any time you are away from plugs. If you are into recharging you can buy rechargable batteries. Just my $0.02.

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I've got the foretrex tha takes rechargeable batteries, my son uses it when he comes along caching. It works ok, usually resonably close to my 60CSx as far as location until we get under some trees then it starts to wander. Also it only takes uploads via serial cable so i ended up getting a USB to serial cable. Seems to work fine but for about $30 more you could get one of the new basic etrex H series which should hold onto a signal a lot better. Just checked on garmin's site and it's still a serial connection. Why they'd do something like that i don't know but back to your original question, go with the batteries instead of rechargable. They only have a limited number of cycles and then you're sunk.

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... the new basic etrex H series which should hold onto a signal a lot better. Just checked on garmin's site and it's still a serial connection.

Not sure what you were looking at, but these units load through USB, not serial port:




i was talking about the new basic yellow etrex H model. no maps nothing special as a comparison to the foretrex the OP was talking about. same features but with the high sensetivity receiver and in the same price range.

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