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GPS store in Miami, FL?


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I've been pondering buying a new GPS unit, probably a Magellan Triton. I'll be on a business trip in Miami, FL in mid-October, can anyone recommend a good place to go shopping there, if they become available by then?


This thread is about shopping in Miami, please don't start arguing the disadvantages or merits of hand-held units :huh:

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My suggestion is to check to see if there is a West Marine in your area. (Most likely.) Then check to see if they carry the unit you are interested in. If so, find the absolute lowest price on the internet that you can find and go through the check out to get the shipping price, but stop before the final purchase. Print that out.


West Marine has a price matching policy. Take that print out to the local West Marine and you'll get the cheapest price anywhere on the internet. We bought both of our GPSs that way.

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West Marine (or any other marine store) is definitely a good place to look for them.




I bought my eTrex Legend from the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Fort Lauderdale, just off of I-95 near the airport. If you're going to be in north Miami-Dade or you don't mind the drive, it's definitely worth it - their selection is big, and the unit I wanted just happened to be on clearance at the time.


Outdoor World

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