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Sea Horse - Chinese


awwwwwwww, do they really? that is horrible!


Yes, unfortunately they do. I've seen them dried in Chinatown in San Francisco.


You're learning a lot with this cointest, aren't you?


Unfortunately, yah. I didn't realize that. I've seen them dried out before & I thought they were for tourists to buy. I didn't realize people ate them. Learn something new every day, definately something I didn't want to know, lol :huh:

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jellyfish - chinese


Yeah!!!!! Congratulations, it is a jellyfish. Kinda weird, I had no idea people would eat them. But apparently, after reading through all the answers, I've come to one conclusion......people will eat ANYTHING!!!! That just floors me. Drunken shrimp, lol.


Ok, which seahorse would you like? green, purple, blue or red?

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