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Update 2.80 reactivates maps after switch off on Venture CX (and/or Legend CX,Vista Cx)

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I've got the Vista Cx, but I'm not experiencing the behavior you describe. On a 2-gig MicroSD I've got City Navigator NT v8, and also the Topo 2008 maps for Michigan and adjoining counties of neighboring states. I regularly show or hide either CN or the Topo maps but it always restarts displaying the same maps it was displaying at shutdown. Whatever way I leave it, that's how it stays until I change it. Version 2.80 firmware.


Edited to add firmware version number.

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I have a Venture Cx with software version 2.80 and all of CN NT 2008 loaded on a 2Gig card. I turned off the Ontario section. Then only the basemap was displayed for that area. I powered the unit off and on. The map section was still disabled and still only the basemap was displayed.

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That is interesting. Makes me wonder if its maybe just specific to the Venture Cx (or worst case just specific to my VentureCx.)


Thanks for the feed back. :D


Well it looks like it's just my unit that's acting up! :D There was one small difference with my setup, I uploaded my maps with IMG2GPS, not Mapsource. I'm sure that wouldn't matter would it?


Thanks for the reply :D

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