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Wanted: Dead GPS receiver and working eTrex Basic

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Hi all,


I am seeking two types of GPS receivers. First, I am looking for some really cheap (e.g. dead) GPS receivers. I would prefer models less than 10 years old, like the Garmin eTrex series. I'll pay for shipping but I'd like to get the units free or really cheap. They are for an educational display.


Second, I'd like to get some working eTrex Basic models. They're the yellow ones. I often get asked to do classes and having a few of these would be helpful. I'd like to buy some used ones at a good price.


Let me know what you have! Thanks a bunch.


Seth! :P

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I got a dead eTrex basic (yellow) from The BlueMoons (Thanks!!) and I could use one or two other varieties, if anyone has one collecting dust.


Edit for clarification: I am specifically looking for dead ones (and working ones) so The BlueMoons sent me what I wanted. The dead part was not a surprise!

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