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park/forest ranger radio frequencies?

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I live in tennessee, so I basically hike in the smokey mountains, and the cherokee national forest.

Also, one more question. Do the rangers use a repeater? If not, how does their radios (on their waist. I guess you call those a HT to) reach all over the park? Unless, theirs put out way more power then our 'ham' HTs.

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Frequencies change in from location to location. If you wish to have a frequency to contact rangers in case of emergency, ask them for one they would wish you to use. Perhaps, there is a public frequency in that area that is monitered for just that purpose. Asking also allows you to stay off that one keeping it clear for it's intended use.


Whether or not a repeater is used depends on the type of radio, and it's purpose. Most often, that is the case, just as the unit most LEOs were on their person relays through the squad unit to pick up more signal, than to a repeater tower for relay to the dispatch office, when needed.


And yes, many of their radios have more power than those allowed for civilian use.

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