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Fake Rocks

Blackjack Bailey
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Most garden centers should have some sort of fake rock. Or get someone who does rock art to make one for you. I have been toying with this idea for a while.


I believe Noddy has made his own version to fit in a micro container using a real rock.

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A ha... from the discussion I conclude that Noddy must be of normal physical built, otherwise he would have used a "Big rock" for a normal to large size traditional cache container. Now there is an idea for myself, use a forklift as special equipment for difficulty 5 cache, soon to be placed.


Seriously, I think the fibre glass/resin rocks have a really good chance out in the veld, and then there would be no need for a trash bin black bag. :D

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"Lift" has been ordered, delivery time is a bit uncertain, but it should do the job. Want to go and do a maintenance run on your cache Wazat?




Little rock, big mountain - no problem. :D

ha ha ha. that's sure to sort out the hike up there again. it will certainly help if someone happens to move the big rock off my cache at big rock, big view.

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...and here are my secret weapons, acquired today! Hehehe!





At least I know what to look for when I am caching in the Hilton area and YOU are the cacher who placed them! :)


If those were to be used in this part of the wolrd then I can assure you that every cacher would log a DNF as our landscape consists of rocks and more rocks! Have a look at this photo for an idea. :)



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