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Best BT reciever for under $100


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I have a windows mobile phone and I am looking for a bluetooth GPS receiver. My only requirement is that it be under $100, have bluetooth, and have good general reviews.


Also, can somebody tell me if any GPS devices have a Sirfstar III chip with WAAS? If you had to choose a device with the chip or WAAS which would you choose?


My preferred retailers are bestbuy, circuitcity, microcenter, radioshack, newegg, and amazon. Suggestions are welcome.




I've been looking at that. Is it any good?

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First off, WAAS is not a chipset. It is a series of groundstations that your GPS may be able to use to provide correctional data. I don't imagine there are any SIRFIII chipset receivers that do not have WAAS enabled. So, basically, you get them both.


At this stage of the game, I think about any BT receiver you find on the market will be good so long as it is from a reputable manufacturer like Holux, GlobalSat, Haicom, etc. (not intended to be a complete list there, but you can ascertain which manufacturers have been around by looking at their products and reviews).


If I were in the market for a new receiver today, I'd also include the size as a pretty high item of criterion. They're making them smaller and smaller and, if I were you, I'd consider how/where I wanted to carry the receiver.


Having said that, if I were in the market for a new receiver today, I'd go with this one:




And, I'd carry it with me everywhere I went. My current one is much larger, and I don't carry it anywhere outside of the truck.


The receiver is very new and there are very few (if any) reviews, but people seem to be indicating so far that they like it and it works well.


That's just how I feel, and a recommendation I think is worth looking into. Maybe your needs/criteria are different, but I thought I'd offer it for consideration.

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Is this good?


It has 51 channels, WAAS, and 20 hour battery life. Does that make it more accurate than a SirfstarII?




I am now eyeing this one:


54 channels, vibration on/off feature, WAAS, 17 hour battery life, sleek, AGPS (coldstart in 5 seconds; coldstart in 30 seconds without AGPS).

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